Around Town – February 26

Orchids to …

• Julie Malson for a calendar.

• Columbus Baptist Church for a wonderful meal Friday evening and for the food giveaway.

• St. Peter’s Lutheran Church for the great medical information day Saturday.

• neighbors in Presidential Park North for putting my improperly delivered mail in their box several times in the last month so it can be correctly delivered to me.

• the Bartholomew County Public Library for clean and spacious meeting rooms, from the 9th Street Park Neighborhood Watch.

• Ian Kohen for all his service to the teens of Bartholomew County.

• Jenny Heichelbech for perfectly stating my exact thought process about access to military style weapons, from a concerned parent and grandparent.

• Teresa at Williams Brothers for being a miracle worker for feet.

• Dr. Robert Forste for his excellent letter to the editor.

Happy Birthday to …

• Herbert Hadley and James Brown, from Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Rita Wheeler, from your family, Bonnie, Brenda, Sheryl and Donna.

• Jim Sturgeon, from your family and Donna.

• Cathy Martoccia, from your forever family.

• my daughter, Kari Kerns.

• Kari Kerns, from Mom and Dad Willis.

• Susan Ziegler, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Ruth Wilson.

• Lauren Gross.

• Natasha Pike, from Mamaw McClintic, Mom, Bailey, Benny, Dan, Jason, Tony, Brian, Aurora, Kayleigh, Torrie and Tom.

Happy Birthday to …

• Mary Whittington Glasson, from all of her Bartholomew County friends.