Emergency management updates road closings due to high water

Bartholomew County Emergency Management has released an updated list of high water and flooding locations throughout the county this morning. They include:

  • State Road 11 at County Road 550S is closed, barrier tape is placed going both directions.
  • West County Road 400N at the Tinkey Bridge has water across the road.
  • County Road 800S, between South Jonesville Road and U.S. 31 has water across both lanes of traffic west of the bridge.
  • County Road 900N between County Roads 300E and 200E.
  • Tellman Road off Indianapolis Road has water flowing across the road.
  • Southern Crossing is closed.
  • Rocky Ford Road west of Marr Road is closed.
  • South County Road 150E just north of Southern Crossing is closed.
  • High water is reported at County Road 330W about a half mile south of Ohio Ridge Road.
  • State Road 11 at Garden City is closed.