New telephone scam involves scammers using deputies’ names

A scammer has reportedly used the Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department and the name of one of its deputies in a telephone scam.

A telephone caller identified himself as Sheriff’s Department Capt. Brandon Slate in an attempt to obtain personal information from a local resident, Sheriff Matt Myers said. When reporting the incident, the recipient of the call wrote down the number from the caller ID which returns to a non-functioning number, deputies said.

“This is a scam,” Myers said. “Do not give personal information over the phone. Unfortunately, one local resident has already lost $1,000 to this scam,” he said.

The sheriff’s department believes scammers are obtaining deputy names online and because they sound so professional, many people, especially older residents, may provide the requested information.

If you receive this type of call, do not provide any information, Myers said. Hang up and call the Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department at 812-379-1650 to verify an actual deputy called.

Anyone with information about this scam is asked to call Detective Terry Holderness at 812-565-5927 or email