Around Town – February 27

Orchids to …

• St. Bartholomew Catholic School for being honored as a four-star school for the fourth consecutive year.

• Pastor Charles Goodin for taking time to pray with me and bless me with your healing hand, because you are a blessing in everyone’s lives, Jennifer.

• Dr. Robert Forste and Pat Walkos for their letters because no normal citizen has a need for AR-15 and it’s sad when students act with more maturity and love than the adults in Washington, D.C.

• everyone who helped the Toyota team tear down the CANstruction cabin.

• the gentleman who went out of his way to help me reload the mattress and box springs.

• officers who responded to our call for advice with compassion and kindness.

• Frank Cole for your beautiful solo Sunday at East Columbus United Methodist Church, from Lisa Welch.

• Jenny Heichelbech for clearly pointing out that “military weapons have no business in the hands of non-military persons” and that “the common denominator in all mass shootings is (easy access to) equipment.”

• Kelly, with 4th Street Bar & Grill, for getting a package to me that was delivered to her in error.

• Dr. Hunnicutt and her staff for always being so pleasant and knowledgeable, from Dolores.

• Teresa at Williams Brothers for her expertise, caring attitude and friendliness.

Onions to …

• those who don’t realize that the National Rifle Association’s threat to spend large amounts of money on negative ads against a politician is the real influence on them.

• those who think that raising the age to 21 for purchasing assault weapons will really make a difference in the ability to conduct mass shootings.

• people who want to use gun control on other citizens of this country.

• adults who use children to protest and march about the gun law issue.

• those who encourage children to go out and be on the front lines of protests because those protests often turn violent.

• those who support our country continuing to sell weapons of war legally.

• those who don’t realize the implications of citizens having no firearms when the government becomes too powerful and the U.S. becomes a police state.

• officials who sell their souls for bargain prices.

• those who don’t realize that banning motor vehicles will create more problems than solved.

• the letter to the editor that does not reflect the monetary power of the NRA through donations to political PACs.

• law enforcement for not going after drivers speeding through red lights.

• whoever allows a support (not service) dog in a medical office that treats allergies.

• to the agency suggesting that people shop outside the city limits.

• those that don’t realize that a year ago President Trump signed a bill into law that rolled back regulation that would have made it harder for people with mental illnesses to purchase a gun.

• the planning group that has planned the Riverfront beautification, because it’s unclear if they have planned how to pay for the repairs when the river floods.

• the manager that caused a scene in front of a large group of people and should be coached for their actions.

• the city that needs to fix potholes in the streets.

• the inept manager who creates a hostile working environment while being oblivious to the fact that he’s losing hardworking, knowledgeable employees.

• people who are in or entering politics at local, state and federal levels for their own benefit and to control our lives, instead of serving for the common good.

Happy Birthday to …

• Rose Mary Crippen, from Bethel Baptist Church and friends.

• Darrell Day, from Bethel Baptist Church and friends.

• my son-in-law, John Kerns.

• John Kerns, from Mom and Dad Willis.

• John Kerns on No. 50 from Kari, Sean and Victoria.

• Lily Kuhlman on No. 91, from Pat and Mike.

• my husband Marshall Jost, from Kimberly Jost.

• Debbie, from Kathy and Jerry Mellis.

• Dan “The Mailman” Burton, from your family and your friends.

• Belated birthday wishes to …

• Jennifer Barr Speer, from all of her Bartholomew County friends.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Tony and Kim Blair, from Who So Ever Will Community Church.