Around Town – March 7

Orchids to …

• The Republic for publicly stating what so many of us are feeling: Enough is enough!

• The Republic for the powerful full-page editorial demanding that sensible action be taken by politicians to reduce gun violence.

• Marcus Speer for bringing communion to a disabled person.

• my kind Sandy Hook neighbor who retrieved and securely docked my loose pontoon boat while I was out of town.

• the cast and crew of “Annie, Junior,” Mrs. Dell and Mr. Rayburn for two amazing performances, from your Parkside family.

• The Republic for its Opinion page Sunday with the editorial, “Enough,” recommending responsible common-sense approaches to gun safety.

• Officer Christophel for being a good sport at Diana’s birthday party, from the McDonald’s breakfast bunch.

• Mrs. Dell and her students at Parkside Elementary School for their awesome production of “Annie.”

• Barbara Parker for returning an important item, from Lisa B.

• The Republic for “Enough,” the full-page editorial calling for common-sense gun restrictions, which “are not at odds with the Second Amendment.”

• the woman who delivers snacks in her white van, from everybody she helps.

• The Republic for the well-reasoned editorial encouraging support for common-sense legislation to reduce gun violence.

Onions to …

• gym members who treat equipment and facilities as a personal playground for their exclusive use.

• the vice president for turning the other cheek to disgraceful behavior coming out of this White House.

• those who feel that life isn’t worth living without their assault rifles.

• our president for his failure to put his assets into a blind trust, which is the American way.

• the doctor’s office with nothing but answering machines and no option to ask a simple question, such as are they accepting new patients?

• parents who take their sick children on a long vacation against doctors’ orders.

• people who are so obsessed with passing new gun laws that they totally avoid the fact that every one of those shooters had one thing in common — mental illness.

Happy Birthday to …

• Connie Roeder from Bob, Jeri, Max and the rest of your family.

• Rich Gregory, from your family and co-workers.

• Joe Bond, from your family, the Hanners and Donna.

• Kelly Wasilewski, from your family, co-workers, Anita, Tammy and Donna.

• Josh Regan from Lindsey, your family and Donna.

• Tim Smiley, from Aunt Elsie.

• John Wiseman.

• Angie Gregory.

• Emily Bailey Brown.

• Ruth (Hoover) Walls — happy birthday Mom/Grandma, we love you, from your children and grandchildren.

• Jessie Hill, from Mary and Elsie.

• Baleigh Fish, from Roger and Mollie.