Letter: Don’t make kids wait; sign up today to be an advocate

From: Chuck Grimes

Advocates for Children staff guardian ad litem


The future for the most at-risk children of our proud community received a boost the evening of March 1 when 16 giving/caring adults — obviously possessing a passion for kids — took the oath necessary to become a Court Appointed Special Advocate for the abused and neglected young people of this community.

Statistics don’t often lie. And the statistics that “lie” within this community’s deep-seated problem tell a clear story. Young people who have been removed from their homes for reasons of which none us can be proud have a much better chance at a positive future if a CASA stands by their side during their childhood nightmare.

A passion to do good combined with a few hours of time each week are a success formula for which kids and sometimes parents can be forever grateful.

The child welfare system in Bartholomew County continues to shamefully possess a list of kids who are having to wait for a CASA to be appointed. This writer continues to believe that there are enough committed adults with enough volunteering hours available each week to obliterate this waiting list.

The most recent training class grads have given a bunch of kids reason for hope. The next class begins in early April. The number to call — 812-372-2808 — for information is easy to dial. A pleasant voice at Advocates for Children awaits your call.