Letter: Use science-based healthy alternative to fertility

From: Monica Luehrmann


Wow! According to a recent article in The Republic, the Trump administration is promoting natural family planning methods that have 25 percent failure rates. Who would want to use those?

As it turns out, many forms of birth control — both natural and artificial — can have high actual-use failure rates that include people who don’t follow the rules. After all, when people do not use a method, they often become pregnant. That’s no surprise.

The truth is that symptom-based methods of fertility awareness, such as the Sympto-Thermal Method, use real-time data along with detailed knowledge of human fertility to achieve over 98 percent effectiveness even when imperfectly used. These well-researched and studied methods replaced the rhythm method over half a century ago.

Dr. Haywood Brown, president of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, should stop talking about natural family planning methods as “unscientific ideologies” just because he does not make money off them.

What can be wrong with promoting science-based, low-cost, healthy and effective methods of fertility awareness that do not pollute the water supply?