Around Town – March 10

Orchids to …

• the new Rindo authentic Japanese Restaurant for their wonderful lunch for the Chamber — fantastic Japanese food.

• the staff on the seventh floor of Columbus Regional Hospital for the care and attention given my father after he suffered a series of strokes.

• Rick Moss for the goodies, from Columbus Physicians Associates, PC.

• the Cummins Diversity Choir for an exceptionally engaging performance at Mayor Lienhoop’s State of the City program.

• David of Comcast for his excellent customer service installing our new modem, making sure everything was working properly before he left.

• The Republic for its story on the death of the absurd predator payday lending proposal.

• Susannah Dillon for her letter concerning daylight saving time and the need to change from Eastern back to the Central Time Zone.

• the compassionate gentleman at Speedway who pumped my gas Thursday when it was so cold, allowing me to stay in my car where it was warm, from Betty.

• The Republic for the wonderful editorial last Sunday on gun control.

Onions to …

• the company that is implementing a rate increase while purchasing country club memberships for some of its employees.

• school leaders for excessive punishment of an employee who made an honest mistake.

• the high school coaching staff that thinks the only way a student should letter is to participate in sectionals.

• neighbors who are already putting election signs in their yards.

• anyone who thinks you have to be mentally ill to harm someone else.

• anyone who is purposely ignorant of what the A in AR-15 means.

• the county department for not being able to have the estimated cost of jail improvements until after the May primaries.

• the letter writer who backed Clinton, who did much worse than the president is accused of doing.

• those who keep badgering the president and do not realize that they are hurting the country.

• those who suggest people who inject an illegal drug are similar to people diagnosed with cancer.

• people who use the term “common-sense gun legislation,” which is an infringement of the Second Amendment.

• grocery stores that do not put their ads in the paper anymore.

Happy Birthday to …

• Jerry Harriman, from your family and co-workers.

• Brad Stinebring, from your family, Judi and Donna.

• Barb Maus, from your friends at Bethel Baptist Church.

• Rylan Burge, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Scott Watkins, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Lucy Whittington, from Aunt Elsie.

• Susie Robbins.

• Emily Nunemaker, from Kim, Randy and Sarah.

• Zachary Crull.

• Riley Ellison.

• Gene Tharp, from Mary and Elsie.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Mike and Janet Ketron, from friends at the Moravian Church.