Time for Hoosiers to get out, vote

From: Thomas Talbert


Are Hoosiers growing weary with our various, inept members of Congress’ inaction, not producing any legislation meaningful for the good of the general public? We have an excellent chance of improving Indiana’s position in this situation by voting wisely this November.

We must put people in place who will come to grips with major issues long term and remove the huge pile of myopic executive orders we are experiencing coming out of Washington. To name a few:

  • World trade
  • Fair and reasonable immigration reform
  • Deficit spending
  • Reasonable firearms licensing
  • Climate improvement

The list goes on and on.

Let’s look for and vote for national legislator candidates who are fact-based, honest, reliable and responsible — meaning productive for their constituents.

Don’t let Indiana squeak by again with only about 25 percent of the public voting. Residents need to get out and vote!

And in the longer term, demand a neutral third party be responsible for redistricting to help re-balance voting fairness for all Hoosiers!

Vote, vote, vote!