Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy presented New Jersey’s Democrat-led Legislature with a $37.4 billion budget that includes tax hikes and increased spending in such areas as education and mass transit.

Some of the reaction to his proposals:


“We have to strike a balance on costs and spending in ways that serve the best interests of the state. We must be mindful that our decisions will have a real-life impact on the people of New Jersey.”

Statement from Democratic Senate leadership.


“Government should stay out of the business of trying to run my business.”

Republican state Sen. Anthony Bucco on Murphy’s proposed $15 minimum wage.


“Governor Murphy did not disappoint. This governor was elected projecting a bold and progressive vision for New Jersey that meets the state’s obligations to all workers and to all working families.”

Hetty Rosenstein, Communication Workers of America New Jersey state director.


“All of his funding proposals need to be fully vetted and analyzed in the context of keeping New Jersey competitive and affordable.”

Tom Bracken, president of the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce.


“Gov. Murphy is keeping his promises to New Jersey residents. That’s the vision that New Jersey voters supported in November, and it’s the budget he delivered today.”

Marie Blistan, president of the New Jersey Education Association.