Around Town – March 16

Orchids to …

• local grocery stores for offering green bananas.

• RLC Truck & Auto Accessories for the professionally installed upgrades on my Jeep, from Randy.

• Hope at Columbus Regional Hospital for her kindness and understanding when I had to take some tests, from Margie Peach.

• Fazoli’s for great service and going above and beyond without being asked, from two satisfied customers.

• educators and school systems who allowed future voters to protest gun laws and have a say in the direction they want their country to go.

Onions to …

• Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee who are only interested in ousting our duly elected president, because they just can’t get over having lost.

• the city for not repairing the multiple large potholes on River Road near Riverside Drive.

• Bartholomew County for the deplorable condition of County Road 400N and not repairing all the deep potholes which cannot be seen in the dark and are damaging cars.

• Indiana for the lack of strong gun laws.

• schools for allowing protesting agendas pushed by the left.

• schools supporting walkouts that hinder education to further their own agenda of progressivism, at the students’ cost in every way.

• schools for wasting time with walkouts, when kids should be in the classroom learning.

• the person who continues to pop and snap gum in a office setting, and management for allowing it.

• those who don’t realize that a lot of taxpayers are tired of paying for recreational opportunities for Columbus families and tourists.

• those who do not know that there is no collusion in the Trump administration.

• Bernie Sanders for wanting to take away guns, walking among students while following gun-carrying police for protection.

• landlords asking for more than people can afford to pay in rent.

• people who want another feel-good gem in a riverfront park for tourism when we can’t even take care of the gems we currently have, like Hamilton Center and Donner Park, and our roads are falling apart.

• folks who worry about tourism when we don’t even have a convention center or a hotel big enough to put all these tourists in.

• children, who we’re spending billions of dollars to educate, walking out of schools nationwide to protest.

• people who can’t understand recreational activities need to be privately funded.

• the person referring to an $8 million sidewalk that will be flooded most of the time as a recreational opportunity.

Happy Birthday to …

• Donita Compton, love, from your family.

• Don Settle, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Barbara Swinford, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Kaylene Meek.

• Zach Archer.

• Abby Kidwell.

• Mark Thayer.

• Caleb Crowder.

• Ginger Justuf.

• Gloria Hartwell, from Jay, Heather and Chris.

• Alan Retz, from Missy, Katie, Tommi, Lily, April, Braelynn and Mom.

• Donita Compton.

• Lisa Kirk, from all your friends.

• Greg Jessup, from Dirk.

• Lisa Kirk, from Joe, Casey, Owen, Emily and Tyler.

• Angela Neville, from Mom, Estella Brooks.

• Patrick Leland, from Evelyn and Charisse.

• Matt Lee, from Mom and Dad, Sarah, Ronnie, Paige, Ethan, Katie, and Lisa, Mamaw Burris, and Mamaw Lee.

Belated Happy Birthday to …

• Jean Patrick, from Mark, Kim, George, Vicki and Joan.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Tom and Nancy Bennardo, from your family and Donna.