Letter: Let your voices be heard on nation’s gun laws

From: Bob Hyatt


We’re killing our children.

We can’t kid ourselves, the young people that died at Parkland and Sandy Hook are our children. Do we need to wait until it happens in Columbus, Indiana? Do we need to see to believe?

I applaud The Republic for stepping up and confirming what a majority of Americans know, and that is Enough is Enough. With over 300 million guns in this country, we may just be the largest army in the history of the world. Can we throttle back just a little to eliminate the ability of the shooter in Las Vegas to fire over 1,100 bullets in a matter of minutes? Can we keep those suffering from mental illness from possessing semi-automatic weapons?

What most of us also know is that our democratic process isn’t working so well in Indianapolis and Washington, D.C. Our representatives just aren’t hearing what we, the people, are saying to them.

So, are we going to sit by and hope it just doesn’t happen in our backyard?

Call your elected officials. They have people that answer the phones and take messages. Be polite and be firm. Tell them you live in their district and that you want them to take action, now. Then, get out and vote.

We deserve a government that works for all of us.