Around Town – March 20

Orchids to …

• Levi Sallee for being such an outstanding young man.

• Bob Miller and Bob Hyatt for their thoughtful letters to the editor regarding gun control.

• Frank Anderson Tire for the values it represents and the above-and-beyond service provided to customers.

• the honest person who found my debit card and the two female employees for keeping it safe at Circle K on State Road 46 West.

• all the Residents Encounter Christ volunteers for the baptisms, from Chris Riddle.

• the driver of the vehicle who paid for my Starbucks on Monday around 9:10 a.m..

Onions to …

• the state agency for opening up bobcat trapping and hunting when most outdoorsmen have never had a chance to see one.

• educators who program children for their own agenda.

• those who participated in walkouts that were destructive to communities and businesses.

• the utility company for the rate increase.

• people who profess to be pro-life except when it comes to the common-sense control of military-style assault weapons used in the mass murders of our already-born children.

• people not realizing that a 17-minute walkout changed nothing.

• the people who regularly bring their food and drinks into public buildings and leave it behind for someone else to clean up.

• physicians, dentists and eye doctors in the county that do not accept the marketplace insurance because it’s the only Affordable Care Act insurance offered in our area.

• people who believe that kids who are old enough to be shot shouldn’t have an opinion on being shot, and shouldn’t be allowed to express that opinion.

• the neighborhood store that is closing because some people have no driver’s license and no other easy way to get groceries.

• city code enforcement for not doing its job on County Road 150W and the city limits.

• those complaining about the 17-minute silent student protest; how many classes did you sleep in, day dream or cut?

• all stores that do not have 25 pounds of water softener salt for senior citizens.

• people who believe that students walked out of class because they are expressing and exercising their First Amendment rights regarding shootings and gun laws, when in fact they were using whatever they could to get out of class.

• people who want more gun laws when people can’t follow simple traffic laws.

• the person imposing tariffs that will cost Columbus jobs.

• local companies for being so dependent on foreign trade.

Happy Birthday to …

• Sharon Montgomery, from your family and Donna.

• Miguel Aranda, from your family and co-workers.

• Ray Rising, from Mrs. Erickson.

• Mary Nickerson, from Lynetta, Trish and Kay.

• Mikayla Frenzel Conrad, with love from Mom, Josh, Parker, Annie, Grandma, Nene, Tim, Luke, Katie, Byron, Tanya, Ian, Owen, Ava, Aunt Cheryl, Aunt Pam and Uncle Kenny.

• Lyndsay Miller on No. 20, from Mamaw Kirby, the Kirbys, Mom, Dad, Zachary, and Weston.

• Dustin Carter.

• Caden Allen Zollman.

• Trudy Stroup.

• Ethan Myers.

• Jon, from Taylor, Ash, Abby and Kira.

Belated Happy Birthday to …

• Jean Patrick, from Karen, Mark, Kim, Kathy, Gabe, Leslie, Jessie, Mike, Jacob, Heather, Beth, Isaac, Raven, Nik, Madi, Zoe, Tommy, Tatum, Raven and Joan

Happy Anniversary to …

• Toni Jordan on our 20th anniversary, from Dale.

• Jerry and Janet McKinney.