Around Town – March 21

Orchids to …

• many thanks to two of the best neighbors in Elizabethtown, Carl Lucas and James Kennedy.

• the nice lady at Jay-C who gave us the kite, from Lucy and Will.

• the amazingly nice cashier at Kroger who gave my daughter a free balloon Saturday, which made her day and she is still playing with it.

• Dr. Steinmetz pediatric dentistry and staff for taking exceptional care of my two kids and always going above and beyond.

• Voelz Body Shop for giving beyond the call of duty service to me.

• Debra Greene for her help last week when Tom was sick and for taking him to his doctor’s appointment Tuesday, from Mom and Tom.

• Sharon Long for the handy pocket calendar, from Lily.

Onions to …

• whoever thinks a failing store should stay in business just for their convenience.

• those that don’t realize the president is right: It is a witch hunt, only the spelling should be “which.”

• people complaining about a store closing when you need to use that time learning how to order groceries online and have them delivered to your door.

• those who influence politicians with money in order to maintain the U.S. as the largest firearms market in the world.

• those who resist even the most sensible of firearms regulations to protect us under the guise of protecting our Second Amendment rights.

• those responsible for still not fixing the cut in the entrance to the convenience station, which is about a foot deep.

• all those responsible for the drug crisis.

• those who think the Second Amendment entitles them to possess a weapon of war.

• the medical system that thinks every pain can be solved with Tylenol.

• the person who mistakenly believes that everyone has slept, daydreamed or cut class while enrolled in school.

• the person imposing tariffs that will cost hundreds of thousands of jobs in this country and also cause other countries to impose tariffs on us, which will raise the cost of products we import.

Happy Birthday to …

• Rhonda, a great wife, from Jack.

• Grandma Rhonna, from Gage.

• Rhonda, from Mom, the Fleetwoods, the Comptons and the rest of your family.

• Ava Dempsey.

• Adyn Dempsey.

• Dennisa Redicker, from Mom, Lonnie, Nora, Amanda, Brittany, Jacoby and DJ.

• Logan DuLong on No. 12, love, Mom, Dad, Tobi, Grandma Robin, Grandpa Danny, and Judy.

• Jaime Jones, from Wayne and Katrina.

• Debbie Tungate, love your family.