Letter: Empty Bowls passes $200,000 milestone

From: Empty Bowls Steering Committee (Beth Parkhurst, Denise Engel, Melanie Bachmeyer, Shirley Trapp, Courtney Kinnick, Carrie Douglas, Sarah Grey)


Each winter, the annual Empty Bowls brings us all together as we confront local food insecurity. This year our event raised over $17,000 after expenses. Since this project was launched 20 years ago by Bob Pulley, we have generated over $200,000 for local food pantries.

This year we are able to provide support for additional programs addressing local hunger. Funds will be shared among Love Chapel, Brighter Days, Horizon House, Hope Food Bank and Thrive Alliance.

At Empty Bowls, we celebrate our community in all its diversity and generosity. Local potters produce bowls. Local cooks prepare soups, breads and desserts. Central Middle School welcomes us. The best of our local musicians step up with live, home-grown entertainment. The C4 crew keeps the kitchen humming. Teams of volunteers serve and bus tables, fetch and carry, clean and recycle.

It is this shared effort, year after year, which moves us deeply. We all put aside perceived differences and work shoulder to shoulder for a common good beyond ourselves. Thank you, Columbus.

You can be sure that we will be back at the end of this year, counting on you to work with us once more.