Around Town – March 22

Orchids to …

• Bob Webb for taking care of things around our home while we were away on spring break, from your Washington Street neighbors.

• Hope police who came out to help us grab our puppy, who was playfully running down the road in the cold and snow.

• Hope at Columbus Regional Hospital for her kindness and understanding when I had to take a test at the hospital, from Margie Peach.

• Growby’s RTO Home Furnishings for their wonderful selection and prompt, courteous service.

• the spot-on letter to the editor from Richard Gold.

Onions to …

• people who think they know more about the economy than the president, who has dealt with foreign entities all his business life.

• people who think an AR-15 is a “weapon of war”; it’s simply a semi-automatic rifle.

• people of America who march to take away our Second Amendment rights; it protects all the other rights, including yours.

• businesses worried about trade that need to be reminded that God’s payday isn’t always on Friday.

• yoga for criminals — seriously? Put jail inmates on the roadside cleaning up trash, and they’ll get all the exercise they need.

• President Trump for his congratulatory message to Russian President Vladimir Putin on his election victory.

• the city for not having turn arrows at Whitfield Drive and 10th Street, near high-volume stores.

• the city for focusing on the downtown area, and not doing enough for other parts of town.

• pet owners who don’t use a leash or observe pick-up duties.

• people who take their non-service dogs into stores with them.

• People who suggest everyone should buy groceries online, as some people like to see what they’re buying.

Happy Birthday to …

• David Sturgeon, from Elsie.

• Tim Harris.

• Benjamin Rockhill.

• David Pollert.

• Samira Zeller, from friends at the Moravian Church

• Doris Dunkin, from Tina

• Jonathon Titara, from Mamaw and Papaw, Grammy and Pappy.