Around Town – March 23

Orchids to …

• Richard Gold for an excellent letter that explains the complexity of our global markets and how policies can affect our economic health here in Indiana.

• Liz Nolan-Greven for her compassionate letter to the editor about immigration reform.

• Columbus Regional Hospital outpatient surgery staff for its expertise and compassion, from Carrie Bay.

• Papaw Dennis for clearing everyone’s driveways, from the folks at River Grove.

• our “neighbor kids,” Tim and Sandy Goodwin, for all that you do for us, from Carol and Tootsie.

• Richard Gold for his wide-ranging, fact-supported commentary on current government policy impacts.

• people in the minivan who brought my package that had been delivered incorrectly Wednesday morning.

• people who understand our leader’s bizarre infatuation with the leader of our sworn enemy is a real danger to the United States.

• Richard Gold for his thoughtful letter to the editor about our current self-destructive policies.

• the lady in the van who swerved to keep from hitting me when I pulled out in front of her on 25th Street last week.

• Ted and Mark at Loesch Heating & Air Conditioning for repairing our water heater, from the Thompsons.

• the kind gentleman who paid for our dinner last Friday at the Hobnob in Nashville, from three women from Columbus.

Onions to …

• to educators and school administrators who refuse to secure school grounds and buildings so that mentally ill or unstable individuals cannot enter buildings and classrooms.

• people who think marching for gun control takes away Second Amendment rights, when in actuality expressing our First Amendment rights is what protects all of our constitutional rights.

• people who think immigration comes automatically with no effort.

• the person who thinks that you need to learn how to order groceries online; if everyone does that, what happens to the jobs that will take away, the impulse buys and getting out and seeing and being around people?

• those who don’t realize weapons of war are exactly what the Second Amendment is written for.

• people who come to this country illegally, who should not be excused for their crimes.

• people who think school walkouts and protests are protected by the First Amendment, which says acts of crime are not protected.

• those who think their assault rifles will stop the government from taking their guns one day if the government decides to.

Happy Birthday to …

• Rod Wilson, from your family and co-workers.

• Jan Sims, from your family, Rachel and Donna.

• Adalyn Hufty, from your family and Donna.

• Karen Zook, from your family, Lori, Billie, Mary Beth and Chris.

• Sarah Walker, from your family, co-workers and Donna

• Caroline Frost, from Mrs. Erickson.

• Morris Norman, from Elsie.

• Cristen Rose Martinez.

• Rhys Ripley.

• Rilee Renee Jessee.

• Weston Miller on No. 17, from Mamaw Kirby, the Kirbys, Mom, Dad, Zachary and Lyndsay.

• Landyn Everett, from MooMoo and Papaw Everett.

• Jim Swegman, from all your family with lots of love.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Don and Mary Williamson, from friends at the Moravian Church.