Around Town – March 27

Orchids to …

• John Krull for so eloquently describing our 2018 Hoosier legislative performance.

• Sharon Long for the beautiful Easter cards and candy, from Sandy and Lily.

• Henry Logston for clearing and salting the back church steps, from Sandy.

• gun-control advocates for understanding that owning a gun designed to explode bone before creating softball-sized exit wounds in dozens of people per minute is not a God-given right.

• Sandy Hammons for her letter to the editor.

• Tina of Amari Arrangements & Gifts for the lovely flowers and palm fronds for our Palm Sunday service, from The Outreach.

• Alivia at Lowe’s for her outstanding personality and kindness and going the extra mile to help in a department that wasn’t even hers, from Loretta Pruitt.

• the highway crew for the nice job they did on the mailboxes on County Road 450S.

Onions to …

• people who undo all of your work reorganizing their kitchens, making it impossible to find anything.

• those who don’t realize that without freedom of speech, you don’t have freedom, which is why the First Amendment is the most important amendment.

• the owner of the red Chevy pickup truck driving too fast Saturday and passing on Middle Road.

• whoever thinks people who have had several traumatic brain injuries should be allowed to drive a car and be a potential threat to others.

• the person driving the midnight snowplow, from someone who really enjoys sleeping.

• the liberals who believe killing hundreds of thousands of children per year by legal abortion is OK but legal guns are not.

• people who never offer to drive and expect you to drive but never offer gas money.

• whoever set off the emergency alert system for the little snow event at 4 a.m.

• people who think children walking out and protesting is not a crime.

• gas stations that no longer have attendants to pump gas for elderly people.

• the postal worker who jammed my packages into my mailbox with the other mail instead of bringing the package to my front door.

• the mobile home court for not cleaning the sidewalk or roads for the elderly or anyone in the community.

• the new manager who accepted the position and isn’t gracious enough to inform the workers.

• those in our government who allow the NRA to pay no taxes.

• the business on Brentwood Drive that closed down, leaving its trash behind at the neighboring fence line.

• trimmers who cut all of our privacy trees, on and off our property, which left us a lovely barrage of wood chips, chunks, logs and more trash.

• those spiteful enough to purposefully not include a family in on a birthday submission.

• Congress and the president in passing a massive spending bill that adds to our massive national debt.

• the gun culture for ignoring the definition of “well-regulated” — to bring under the control of law to adjust for accuracy of operation, uniformity and proper functioning.

• those who should tell me again the AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle and not a weapon of war, as it was designed to be.

• the unsettling individual open-carrying a handgun at the grocery store.

• lawmakers for not raising the driving age to 18, which would help prevent accidents, injuries and deaths.

• people who hide their drugs in other people’s yards.

Happy Birthday to …

• Mike Bova Jr., my wonderful husband, from Diana.

• Mary Arnholt, from your family.

• Nate West, from Evelyn and Charise and the Outreach.

• Paula Prather, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Victoria Leonard.

• Kilee Wright.

• Jim Hamilton.

• Taylor, from Grandma Ross and Rick and all the family that care about you.

• Charlotte Conden, from Shirley and Ed Misner.

Belated Happy Birthday to …

• Donny Idol on No. 33 from Mom, Junior, Jacob, Tiffany, Rodger Sr., Wilma, Rodger, Jr. Dawn, family and friends.

• Casey Jacob Dickerson, from Grandma Hege.

• Jeremy Collins.

• Jon Griffin.

• Xavier Mercer.

• Caroline Christine Tuell.

Belated Happy Anniversary to …

• Brother Eli and wife Patsy Johnson on March 25, from Betty and the Clifford Revival Full Gospel Tabernacle.