The Hauser Jr.-Sr. High School Science Olympiad team’s season concluded recently with its third consecutive appearance in the state final, and included a regional title along the way.

Science Olympiad brings together schools from all over the United States to complete in events that support development in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Indiana had 36 middle school and 36 high school teams competing for the title of state champion on March 17 — about 1,800 kids total — and trying to advance to the national championship. First-place teams advanced.

Each team had 15 members that paired up and competed in events such as Anatomy and Physiology, Crime Busters, Dynamic Planet, Meteorology, Rocks and Minerals, Thermodynamics, Wright Stuff (airplanes) and Hovercrafts. In all, 27 events challenged the teams, and the top five finishers received medals.

Team members demonstrated their dedication by meeting from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. three days during spring break to prepare for the state final at the end of the week, assistant coach BJ Everroad said.

Hauser didn’t advance to national competition but had members place in four events and earn medals:

  • Addison Jones and Thomas Essex, second in Mystery Design
  • Joe Newcomb and Jonas Fleener, third in Aerial Scramble
  • Callie Swegman and Gracie Greene, third in Density
  • Kaitlynn Everroad and Ashley Chambers, fifth in Wright Stuff
  • Other notable team placements were:
  • Kylie Mac and Rachel Hoke, seventh in Rocks and Minerals
  • Graham Kennedy and Ben Johnson, ninth in Thermodynamics
  • Bronwyn Newcomb and Callie Swegman, 12th in Potions and Poisons