From: Joyce Heckman


We are about five weeks from the May primary elections. If you have not already done so, it is time to look carefully at the candidates for all the offices. In particular, I am asking you to look at the candidates for Indiana House District 59, and one candidate in particular, Dale Nowlin.

I have known Dale for more than 25 years, both as an educator and a friend, and I believe him to be an exemplary candidate for the office of state representative. Dale possesses the qualities necessary for a great representative: he is a listener, he is a thinker and he is a leader.

I don’t recall ever hearing Dale interrupt or tramp on someone else’s ideas. He is a patient listener, one who gleans from others’ input. He is not a “talking head” who wants only to be heard. He will listen to voters.

Dale will take your input, ask questions and find value in different points of view. He will not rush to judgment and discount constituents who question his opinions. But when it comes to formulating those opinions, Dale will also analyze data and research legislative issues before casting his votes. His will not be an emotional response or a kowtow to his donors or a vote for self-promotion; his vote will reflect his commitment to all people of District 59.

Dale will be the leader we need because he will stand up against injustice and inequality. He asks questions like, “Why are almost 50 percent of the students in Bartholomew County on the free and reduced books and lunch program for low-income families when we have an unemployment rate of only 2.5 percent?”

Yes, Dale is concerned about the working poor in our community, just one of many issues that he wants to address as our representative. Unlike self-promoting partisan representatives who misuse the office just to stay in power, Dale will use the power of the office to promote us and our interests.

When you go to the polls, remember the name Dale Nowlin. You will be proud to say, “I voted for that guy.”