The library can speak your language

Have you ever wanted to learn a new language? Maybe you would just like to learn a few key phrases for an upcoming trip. Maybe your child will be starting this fall in a Spanish Immersion Class and you would like to learn some of the language on your own.

Perhaps your neighboring family speaks a second language and you would like to communicate with them in this language as well. The library has the resources to help get you started.

We have physical books in both the adult and children’s departments to help you with your needs. We have some bilingual dictionaries with pictures for children.

In the children’s department, you will find some wonderful “We Both Read” books by Treasure Bay. We have some in English and other languages.

These books are highly effective because the pages alternate between a parent and child reading aloud. You will even find some super fun books like Dr. Seuss classics written in other languages as well.

We are continuing to add to our language collection to help accommodate the need we see in the community. Go to our website at and click resource tab. There will be a link to language resources, which will help you narrow your search.

Another great resource for children is our TumbleBook Library. TumbleBooks has a language-learning component with a collection of online picture books with animation, music and narration available.

There also are some great e-learning resources available through the Bartholomew County Public Library. Rosetta Stone is one that is familiar to most people. Rosetta Stone consists of lessons to help build reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

We offer Level 1 of Rosetta Stone in several different languages. Another great online learning resource, which the library offers, is Mango Languages. It is a very easy learning system to use and offers more than 50 languages. This is a program that helps immerse you into real-life conversation.

Lastly, we offer Muzzy BBC, which is an interactive language learning program with animation geared for children. Families can enjoy learning a second language together through Muzzy.

As a child, we must first learn to listen before we can speak. I am sure every language sounds strange the first time it is heard, but the more one is exposed the easier it becomes over time.

We are very excited to offer French Storytimes in collaboration with Columbus IN Accueil, and Spanish Storytimes in collaboration with Family School Partners.

This is a great way to expose your child to a different language in a fun interactive atmosphere.

If you would like to begin learning a second language the library has resources to help get you started.

Kelly Kennedy is the youth programming specialist at the Bartholomew County Public Library and can be reached at