Around Town – April 10

Orchids to …

• people who know that the Bible says obey the sabbath day and keep it holy, and that Sunday is that day.

• Cate, Rachel and the Moms & Students Demand Action group for organizing the Sensible Solutions for Gun Safety forum.

• Richard at Rural King for going above and beyond in assisting me in finding a pump to pump the water out of my basement, from a very grateful customer.

• the Rev. Bill Bailey for a tremendous sermon Sunday night.

• Columbus Salvation Army and Envoy Amy Tompkins for a wonderful sermon on Sunday.

• Dexter McIntyre.

• Mahoney’s Fish and the America and Roby Anderson Community Center for a tremendous fish fry on Friday.

• the Army, police, firemen and ambulance staff for having so much compassion.

Onions to …

• the business owner who is so mad that we left but gave us plenty of reasons to leave, including how she spoke about us.

• county officials for not having in-car cameras in our deputies’ cars.

• those who don’t realize that our speechless vice president is that way because he wants someday to run for higher office.

• the many drivers who blatantly ignore the 30 mph signs on Washington Street that are marked with red flags and run 50 mph instead.

• those who think students use e-Learning Days efficiently.

• the man who overcharged me for trimming two bushes and then left a mess behind.

• the government organization that will not allow a disabled man to get benefits because 25 years ago he did drugs.

• fast food employees who call you “honey” or “sweetie” and tell you to, quote, “have a good one.”

• supporters of Todd Rokita who, among other things, do not understand that if no one in America spoke English this would still be the good ol’ USA.

• the state of Indiana, and an overwhelming majority of other states, for allowing voter registration without requiring documented proof of citizenship.

• neighbors who fly an anti-Trump flag.

• the business that doesn’t pay its employees on time.

• the business leader who needs to take lessons on how to run a successful business.

• the only person on the whole block who fills trash cans with beer and whiskey bottles that the garbage collectors have to pick up every week.

• people in this community that string large words together in nonsensical sentences and say absolutely nothing.

• the school systems buying into the Chromebook “end of life” policy that guarantees taxpayers will have to buy new Chromebooks every five years.

• those who laughed while the survivor of gun violence spoke during the Sensible Solutions for Gun Safety forum Thursday.

Happy Birthday to …

• Mike Scher, from your family and co-workers.

• Jeanetta Streeter, from Marian.

• Shantal Huckaby, from Aunt Jean.

• Kamari Siener, from your family and friends.

• Nancy Nichter, from Margaret.

• Tracy Warriner, Ryan Ferguson, Greg Sims and Jackie Runion, from friends at the Moravian Church.