Around Town – April 11

Orchids to …

• the nice young man at the local grocery store for helping us in the meat department and giving us the coupon Saturday.

• Matt Rude for having the longest commute but being willing to fill in for a sick co-worker.

• Tiffany at the Kroger pharmacy for working so hard to help me be able to afford my migraine medicine, from Cindy.

• Carter’s Sweepers Sales & Service for a wonderful, customer service-oriented local business that went above and beyond, from the happy, dog-loving family.

• Hope Lodge 150 for the Spaghetti Splash on Saturday night at the Masonic Lodge in Hope and all the lodge members, family, friends and those who attended.

• all the friendly servers who call me “honey” or “sweetie” and tell me to have a nice day because I love it and want you to please keep it up.

• Nick Firestone and Ray Depew for the great walk-through and explanation at the Atterbury-Bakalar Air Museum.

• Laura, Samantha and Nick at Sherwin Williams in Columbus for their excellent help, patience and expertise for helping us choose the right paint, from satisfied customers.

Onions to …

• myself, for letting the distractions at church Saturday upset me.

• the inconsiderate dining customers on Saturday who were rude to the sole cashier who had a long line and was trying to take care of everyone in a timely manner.

• baseball coaches who play politics with kids.

• fiscally reckless Republicans who voted to cut taxes, increase spending and increase the federal deficit to more than $1 trillion by 2020.

• the driver who turned onto the one-way part of Eighth Street despite a sign saying “Do Not Enter” Monday evening.

• those that don’t understand the quality-of-life value is hard to assess because it’s a made-up term designed to make someone or something sound important.

• the state legislators who maintain the ability of foreign nationals to purchase and possess firearms in this state.

• pro-birth candidates that pretend to be pro-life but support policies that harm would-be mothers.

• a superintendent and a school board opposed to metal detectors after metropolitan schools figured out how to stop gun violence during the rise of gang violence in the ‘90s.

Happy Birthday to …

• Carl Good, from your family and co-workers.

• Kevin Vonderwell, from your family, co-workers, Annette and Donna.

• Karen Metz, from Bob, Jeri and your family and friends.

• Kelli Diekhoff, from your family and friends.

• Karen Metz, from Bob, Jeri, and from your family and friends.

• Grace Ann, from Nan and Pap.

• Don Demas, from John Tinkey.

• my mom, Nina Owens, from Jennifer.

• Mamaw Nina Owens, from Jacob Wilson.

Belated Happy Birthday to …

• Jackie Runion, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Tracy Warriner.

• Ryan Ferguson.

• Greg Sims.

• the Rev. Marcus Speer.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Mark and Tammy Hege, from friends at the Moravian Church.