Marketplace: Cummins recognized as Hoosier Resilience Hero

Cummins’ Indiana-based Planet 2050 team has been named a Hoosier Resilience Hero by Indiana University’s Environmental Resilience Institute (ERI).

In 2019, the Indiana-based company unveiled an ambitious plan called PLANET 2050 to reduce the environmental impact of its products and operations. The strategy includes aspirations to achieve carbon neutrality and near-zero pollution and waste by 2050. PLANET 2050 focuses on three priority areas — addressing climate change and air emissions, using natural resources in the most sustainable way, and improving communities — and includes eight specific goals for 2030 related to greenhouse gas emissions, packaging, waste, and water consumption.

Indiana-based members of Cummins’ PLANET 2050 team helped develop the plan, establishing a transparent model for businesses around the world to follow. Team members include: Karen Cecil, Anna Weimer, Laurie Counsel, Laura Jones, JJ Webb, Brijesh Krishnan, Alan Resnik, Zsofia Nagy, Michael Walker, Todd Wieland, David Genter, Kevin Brittain, and Julie Wagner.

Hoosier Resilience Heroes are individuals and groups committed to ensuring a safe, healthy environment for their families, their neighbors and future generations. This year’s cohort includes professionals and volunteers dedicated to sustainable agriculture, flood control, clean energy, environmental justice, and other aspects of environmental protection and resilience.