I’ll have what he’s having! Some years back, food enthusiast and big-box store manager Daym Patterson created a video in which he enthused about the offerings of a certain hamburger outlet.

One video led to another, and Daym left store management to others. His clips have been seen by some 250 million viewers, earning him Netflix stardom on “Fresh, Fried & Crispy,” streaming today. In this very watchable eight-episode series, he visits cities all over America to sample local delicacies, almost all of them breaded and fried in oil at least 350 degrees.

His first visit is to a traditional Italian joint that serves fried ravioli.

Daym finds himself on the Hill, the Italian section of St. Louis, where they think nothing of deep-frying a tomato to put on top of an already fried and breaded veal parmigiana. Words fail.

His St. Louis travels take him to a vegan soul food bakery, where they also serve savory dishes of the fried variety. Daym treats salads and vegetables like a vampire greets the sunshine, so this is a tall order. Not to give too much away, but the deep-fried faux chicken concoction gets the seal of approval. He even kisses the sandwich.

Deeper into Missouri, he chows down with a hunter/gatherer type who’s literally “game” for anything. Even an unlucky local beaver becomes the center of some fried ravioli. You can feel your arteries harden as Daym tucks into a sandwich of fried bologna topped with pepper-cheese and a runny egg.

It’s hard to watch “Fresh” and not worry about the long-term health prospects of our exuberant host. But you can’t deny that he’s following his passion, a quest that will take him to Birmingham, Alabama, Savannah, Georgia, San Diego and Baltimore over the course of this series.

Daym is neither a food historian nor a cultural guide. The lack of snobbery that contributed to his online celebrity also means he’s not likely to judge some of the questionable buffets brought to his attention. But he is very good at describing the sensation of eating and explaining the ingredients and sensations that stand out after enduring trial by molten oil.

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