2018 Bracket challenge contest


Here’s how to play:

  1. On the published bracket in The Republic newspaper, fill in which teams you think will win each game, continue to advance the winners to the final championship game.

There will be a total of 3 bracket games that can be played:

March 12:   (1.) The whole bracket from 1st round to the Championship game
March 19:   (2.) From the Sweet 16/Elite Eight to the Championship game
March 26:   (3.) From the Final Four to the Championship game

  1. Enter your name, address and phone number on the published bracket each week. You can submit one new bracket each week.
  1. Submit your entry forms with all the games listed with winning teams by one of three methods:

• Mail your form to:
The Republic
2980 N National Road
Columbus IN 47201

• Bring your entry form to The Republic at the address listed above.

• Scan your entry form and email it to: Contest@therepublic.com

All entry forms must be legible and easy to ready in order to be eligible for the contest.

  1. Winners will be determined on Monday after each round of games has been played of the tournament. Entries with the most correct picks will be entered in a random drawing. There will be one winner from each round. Submitted entry forms not chosen will be used in the next round.
  1. Only entries appearing in The Republic will be accepted, only one entry per person for each round, please. New brackets published on Mondays may be submitted with the same deadlines as listed above. Employees of The Republic and its affiliates are not eligible to win.

Mailed entries must be postmarked no later than Wednesday of the week prior to games for that bracket. Emails must be received by 11:59pm Wednesday of the week prior to games for that bracket.