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Columbus Young Marine Registration
- Sat March 1 2014
- Wed March 5 2014

9 a.m. to noon March 1; 6:30 to 8 p.m. March 5.

Real World Testing
4850 Progress Drive




Young Marines is a not-for-profit youth education program for boys and girls, 8 through 18, focusing on character building through a combination of self-discipline, teamwork and leadership, and promoting a healthy, drug-free lifestyle.

The group meets each Saturday  for 13 weeks starting, March 3rd, then has13 weeks off.

Each 13-week session includes learning to drill (march), earning ribbons and awards for things such as attendance, academic achievement, music, CPR, conservation, fire prevention and protection, sportsmanship, and land navigation, guest speakers such as the DARE officer, fire chief, and other community leaders, learning and demonstrating swimming ability, overnight field training (campout), hiking local trails, serving as color guards for local organizations and more.

Application forms available at Completed forms along with a copy of the child’s birth certificate and medical insurance card should be mailed to 4222 31st St., Columbus, IN 47203.

Cost is $85 for first time sign-ups. Each 13-week session thereafter is $50 twice a year. The fee covers everything you need including complete uniform, guide books, ribbons, and subscription to the National Young Marine magazine.

More Information: Contact Scott Riley, 344-4320 or

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