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Stories with organization: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • AP analysis: Dozens of deaths likely from VW pollution dodge story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Oct-03-15 12:20 pm

    WASHINGTON - Volkswagen's pollution-control chicanery has not just been victimless tinkering, killing between five and 20 people in the United States annually in recent years, according to an Associated Press statistical and computer analysis.

  • Nevada officials react warily to EPA's new ozone rule 
    Updated: Oct-03-15 10:51 am

    CARSON CITY, Nevada - Nevada leaders reacted cautiously this week to the Environmental Protection Agency's stricter new limits on smog-causing pollution, with Gov. Brian Sandoval saying the rule could punish the state for circumstances out of its control and environmental and manufacturing groups staking out opposite positions against it.

  • Michigan pledges $1M for filters, steps to help city's water story has photos
    Updated: Oct-02-15 9:56 pm

    LANSING, Michigan - A cash-strapped Michigan city that broke away from Detroit's water system to save money last year is now getting at least $1 million from the state for home water filters amid complaints that its new system, which taps a local river, is linked to increased lead levels in children's blood.

  • South Bend, Honeywell agree to test for park contamination 
    Updated: Oct-02-15 5:34 pm

    SOUTH BEND, Indiana - The city of South Bend and Honeywell International Inc. have reached an agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency to determine whether a city park used decades ago as a dumping ground is contaminated and needs any remediation.

  • Oklahoma expected to meet new ozone limits 
    Updated: Oct-02-15 5:20 pm

    OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma's Department of Environmental Quality says the state is expected to be able to meet tighter ground-level ozone limits that were unveiled by the Environmental Protection Agency this week.

  • US regulator missed its best chance to catch VW cheating story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Oct-02-15 8:19 am

    CHICAGO - More than a decade ago, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency helped develop a technology that ultimately was used by an independent laboratory to catch Volkswagen's elaborate cheating on car emissions tests. But EPA used the technology primarily to test trucks rather than passenger cars because such heavy equipment was a much bigger polluter.

  • Hawaii, EPA and Navy agree to plan to address tank leaks 
    Updated: Oct-01-15 11:49 pm

    HONOLULU - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Hawaii state Department of Health on Thursday said they finalized a deal with the Navy to better prevent and detect leaks from 20 giant fuel storage tanks near Pearl Harbor.

  • AP News in Brief at 9:58 p.m. EDT 
    Updated: Oct-01-15 11:00 pm

    Gunman opens fire at Oregon community college before dying in shootout; at least 9 dead

  • On Colorado mine cleanup, Superfund idea divides residents 
    Updated: Oct-01-15 10:26 pm

    DENVER - Southwestern Colorado residents told Congress on Thursday that the Gold King Mine blowout and other mines spilling acid waste into waterways could cause serious long-term damage to their tourism economy, but they disagreed on whether a federal Superfund designation would help or hurt.

  • Volkswagen Group of America head to testify before Congress 
    Updated: Oct-01-15 6:01 pm

    WASHINGTON - The head of Volkswagen Group of America will testify before a House subcommittee Oct. 8.

  • US regulators say GE can dismantle Hudson PCB cleanup plant 
    Updated: Oct-01-15 5:40 pm

    ALBANY, New York - Federal regulators said Thursday they have no problem with General Electric dismantling a Hudson River PCB cleanup plant as six years of dredging wraps up, even though government advisers had asked to keep it in place while they assess results of the $2 billion cleanup.

  • Colorado faces tougher limit under new smog rules 
    Updated: Oct-01-15 4:46 pm

    DENVER - The Environmental Protection Agency said metro Denver and 10 other cities have failed for seven years to meet federal smog standards, and now the government is setting even higher standards.

  • EPA sets new ozone standard, disappointing all sides story has photos
    Updated: Oct-01-15 4:40 pm

    WASHINGTON - The Obama administration on Thursday established stricter limits on the smog-causing pollution linked to asthma and respiratory illness, drawing swift condemnation from business leaders and Republicans who warned of damage to the economy.

  • Kansas panel consider state response to EPA carbon rules 
    Updated: Oct-01-15 2:38 pm

    TOPEKA, Kansas - Kansas lawmakers are grappling with the state's possible response to new federal rules aimed at reducing carbon emissions from power plants.

  • State gets extension on plan to meet new CO2 standards 
    Updated: Oct-01-15 8:14 am

    BISMARCK, North Dakota - The federal agency mandating a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fueled power plants in North Dakota is giving the state more time to submit an implementation plan.

  • Sierra Club: Toxic pollutant limits good news for Indiana 
    Updated: Oct-01-15 3:40 am

    INDIANAPOLIS - The Sierra Club says new federal standards for mercury, lead and other toxic pollutants that coal-fired power plants discharge into rivers and streams are good news for Indiana's waterways and its residents.

  • Judge blocks federal oil, gas drilling rules pending lawsuit 
    Updated: Sep-30-15 5:48 pm

    CHEYENNE, Wyoming - A judge on Wednesday blocked new nationwide regulations for oil and gas drilling on federal lands from taking effect while a lawsuit moves ahead, pointing to a law that prohibits the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency from regulating hydraulic fracturing.

  • Panel seeks to extend freeze on Ohio green energy targets 
    Updated: Sep-30-15 5:19 pm

    COLUMBUS, Ohio - Government requirements for the use of solar, wind and other forms of renewable energy by Ohio power companies would be suspended indefinitely under recommendations released Wednesday by a legislative panel.

  • EPA sets limit for toxic pollutants released into waterways 
    Updated: Sep-30-15 3:54 pm

    WASHINGTON - The Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday imposed new standards for mercury, lead and other toxic pollutants that are discharged into the nation's rivers and streams from steam electric power plants.

  • EPA: Tractor Supply Co. ATVs didn't meet clean air rules 
    Updated: Sep-30-15 3:06 pm

    WASHINGTON - Tractor Supply Company Inc. has reached a settlement with federal regulators over the illegal sale of 28,000 off-road vehicles and small engines that failed to meet Clean Air Act requirements.

  • Owner of Superfund site agrees to $194 million cleanup 
    Updated: Sep-30-15 1:46 pm

    BRIDGEWATER, New Jersey - Wyeth Holdings will perform nearly $194 million in cleanup work at a New Jersey superfund site.

  • South Louisiana site eligible for Superfund cleanup funds 
    Updated: Sep-30-15 10:50 am

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - A new federal Superfund site in Louisiana is the most recent addition to the state's 27 existing areas identified as legacy pollution sites.

  • EPA sets stricter emission standards for oil refineries story has photos
    Updated: Sep-29-15 4:44 pm

    WASHINGTON - The Environmental Protection Agency announced new rules Tuesday to reduce toxic air pollution from oil refineries by forcing operators to adopt new technology that better monitors and controls emissions.

  • Environmental groups unhappy with lead smelter settlement 
    Updated: Sep-29-15 3:53 pm

    MUNCIE, Indiana - A proposed settlement of alleged Clean Air Act violations involving a Muncie company's lead smelter has upset environmental groups because the agreement doesn't require the firm to retrofit its complex with equipment that could dramatically cut lead emissions.

  • EPA to consider revised haze plan 
    Updated: Sep-29-15 2:23 pm

    SALT LAKE CITY - Utah's revised regional haze plan will be reviewed by the Environmental Protection Agency, with approval ending a lawsuit by environmentalists.