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Stories with organization: Iowa State General Assembly
  • Iowa Senate approves health and human services budget 
    Updated: May-06-15 6:28 pm

    DES MOINES, Iowa - The Democratic-led Iowa Senate approved a $1.9 billion spending plan Wednesday for state health and human services departments, which includes an oversight committee to watchdog the governor's plan to privatize Medicaid.

  • Lawmakers consider permitting more fireworks sales 
    Updated: May-06-15 6:19 pm

    DES MOINES, Iowa - A proposal that would legalize more fireworks sales in the state has moved forward in the Iowa Senate.

  • Iowa House OKs budget bills on agriculture, judicial branch 
    Updated: May-05-15 7:19 pm

    DES MOINES, Iowa - The Iowa House has passed budget bills that would fund several services including the state's judicial branch and natural resources department.

  • Iowa Gov. Branstad seeks to change unusual abortion policy 
    Updated: May-05-15 6:22 pm

    DES MOINES, Iowa - Gov. Terry Branstad wants to halt a policy adopted two years ago that threatened to put him in the unusual position of having to sign off on payments for every Medicaid-funded abortion in the state.

  • Iowa lawmaker: Panel to make changes to broadband bill 
    Updated: May-05-15 5:06 pm

    DES MOINES, Iowa - An Iowa Senate panel will propose changes to Gov. Terry Branstad's broadband expansion bill to ensure it clearly focuses on areas of the state with no high-speed Internet, the panel's chairwoman said Tuesday.

  • Iowa official says she'll aid communication in labor dispute 
    Updated: May-04-15 9:19 pm

    DES MOINES, Iowa - The head of Iowa's economic development agency said Monday she will try to aid communication between labor leaders and officials overseeing construction of a $1.8 billion fertilizer plant that recently issued layoffs, but she warned she will be limited in what she can do.

  • Ex-lawmaker visits Capitol after acquittal in sex abuse case 
    Updated: Apr-30-15 11:53 am

    DES MOINES, Iowa - A longtime state lawmaker who was recently acquitted of abusing his dementia-stricken wife visited the Iowa Capitol Thursday.

  • Eminent domain legislation advances in Iowa Legislature 
    Updated: Apr-28-15 5:25 pm

    DES MOINES, Iowa - Legislation that would make it harder for two energy projects to win eminent domain rights received preliminary approval in the Iowa Legislature on Tuesday.

  • Staffers start adjournment tasks but lots of work remains 
    Updated: Apr-28-15 3:17 pm

    DES MOINES, Iowa - Staffers in the Iowa Legislature are starting some of the tasks associated with adjourning the session, even though lawmakers are not close to concluding the budget process.

  • Iowa Lottery CEO tells lawmakers that state law halted fraud 
    Updated: Apr-23-15 2:33 pm

    DES MOINES, Iowa - The head of the Iowa Lottery has reiterated to lawmakers that state law prevented the illegal payout of a multimillion-dollar Hot Lotto ticket.

  • Former Iowa lawmaker found not guilty of spousal sex abuse story has photos
    Updated: Apr-22-15 7:57 pm

    GARNER, Iowa - An Iowa jury on Wednesday found a longtime state lawmaker not guilty of sexually abusing his wife who suffered from dementia, an unusual case that centered on when a person is no longer mentally capable of consenting to sex.

  • Senate lawmakers try to keep mental health facilities open 
    Updated: Apr-22-15 7:20 pm

    DES MOINES, Iowa - A proposed health services budget in the Democratic-controlled Senate has funding to save two state mental health facilities slated to close this year, lawmakers said Wednesday, though it's unclear whether such a legislative move would garner enough support from either the House or Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad.

  • Iowa House passes $365.2 million transportation budget bill 
    Updated: Apr-21-15 6:17 pm

    DES MOINES, Iowa - The Iowa House has passed a $365.2 million transportation bill, one of several budget bills requiring floor votes before the end of the legislative session.

  • Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad signs 18 bills into law 
    Updated: Apr-17-15 1:08 pm

    DES MOINES, Iowa - Bills ranging from the illumination of rear vehicle registration plates to deer and wild turkey harvest reporting requirements have become law.

  • Iowa Legislature OKs bill to expunge dismissed charges 
    Updated: Apr-16-15 2:02 pm

    DES MOINES, Iowa - People would be able to get their criminal records expunged of cases in which they were acquitted or the charges were dismissed if the governor signs off on a bill that the Iowa Senate approved Thursday.

  • Iowa lawmakers say changes possible to law on seized items 
    Updated: Apr-15-15 7:36 pm

    DES MOINES, Iowa - Changes are possible to an Iowa law that allows authorities to seize money and other items from people suspected of illegal activity, members of a legislative committee said after testimony Wednesday from both supporters and critics of the law.

  • Lawmaker: Iowa prison could open in late summer, early fall 
    Updated: Apr-15-15 5:19 pm

    DES MOINES, Iowa - The new-yet-empty Fort Madison prison could finally open late this summer or in early fall, though inmates assigned to a psychiatric ward may be housed in another facility until some building repairs are finished, a lawmaker said Wednesday.

  • Iowa Senate Democrats release budget goals 
    Updated: Apr-14-15 2:02 pm

    DES MOINES, Iowa - Leaders in the Democratic majority Senate are offering their overall budget outline, which includes a proposed state employee early retirement program.

  • Juvenile sentencing bill heads to Branstad despite criticism 
    Updated: Apr-11-15 9:58 am

    DES MOINES, Iowa - A bill approved by the Iowa Legislature this session would allow courts to continue sentencing juveniles to life in prison without the possibility of parole, but some people argue the measure designed to bring uniformity to an upended legal process is unfair to young offenders.

  • Iowa House committee approves broadband legislation 
    Updated: Apr-09-15 6:31 pm

    DES MOINES, Iowa - Legislation aimed at expanding high-speed Internet in Iowa took another step forward with a House committee's overwhelming approval on Thursday, though lawmakers agree there will be some changes to the bill.

  • Many Iowa House lawmakers skip invocation by Wiccan 
    Updated: Apr-09-15 10:34 am

    DES MOINES, Iowa - Many of Iowa's House lawmakers opted to skip a prayer offered by a member of the Wiccan faith.

  • House OKs bill to make sweeping changes to Iowa's gun laws 
    Updated: Apr-08-15 3:44 pm

    DES MOINES, Iowa - Children younger than 14 would be able to use a handgun with a parent's supervision under a measure the Iowa House passed Wednesday, a second vote this session on an issue that drew criticism from some lawmakers.

  • Iowa House committee OKs tax exemption bill on honeybees 
    Updated: Apr-07-15 5:34 pm

    DES MOINES, Iowa - Legislation that would exempt the sale of honeybees from sales and use taxes was approved overwhelmingly by an Iowa House committee Tuesday, though one lawmaker questioned the point of the bill.

  • Former SNL cast member running for Congress in Iowa 
    Updated: Apr-07-15 5:05 pm

    DES MOINES, Iowa - A former Saturday Night Live cast member is running for Congress in Iowa, and he says it isn't a laughing matter.

  • Court considers when dementia makes person unable to consent story has photos
    Updated: Apr-07-15 1:55 pm

    DES MOINES, Iowa - A former state lawmaker accused of raping his wife in a nursing home is forcing an Iowa court to confront a little-discussed question of aging: When is a person suffering from dementia unable to consent to sex?