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Stories with organization: Idaho State Police
  • Oneida County triple homicide still unsolved 
    Updated: Apr-13-14 12:52 pm
  • POCATELLO, Idaho - Oneida County Sheriff Jeff Semrad was in Colorado about a year ago when he received the darkest phone call of his 31-year career in law enforcement. Three people had been found murdered in a remote farmhouse near the tiny community of Holbrook.

  • Heroin: Small but growing portion of Idaho arrests 
    Updated: Apr-05-14 10:37 am
  • BOISE, Idaho - Heroin use is increasing across America but doesn't appear to be widespread in Idaho, accounting for only about 1 percent of all drug arrests in the state.

  • Shoshone man killed in 1-vehicle crash 
    Updated: Apr-01-14 3:31 am
  • SHOSHONE, Idaho - A man was killed in a single-vehicle crash Monday in Shoshone.

  • Coloradan claims license plate led to pot search 
    Updated: Mar-30-14 2:43 pm
  • DENVER - A Colorado man is suing Idaho police, accusing a trooper of presuming he had marijuana simply because his license plates marked him as being from a state where medical post was legal, The Denver Post reported Sunday.

  • Idaho mental health records added to FBI gun check 
    Updated: Mar-27-14 6:23 pm
  • TWIN FALLS, Idaho - Idaho has added mental health records to a national Federal Bureau of Investigations database, making it easier for background checks to discover if would-be gun owners have a history of mental illness.