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Stories with organization: North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  • US due to stop managing Afghan airspace by end of June 
    Updated: May-06-15 2:34 am

    KABUL, Afghanistan - The United States is to stop managing Afghan airspace by the end of June after its air-traffic control contract with the government in Kabul expires, a development that could see international airlines forced to cancel flights both into the country and over its territory.

  • Analysis: US experts on Russia fear escalation over Ukraine 
    Updated: May-02-15 3:26 am

    WASHINGTON - U.S. experts on Russia see a growing danger the crisis in Ukraine that has already taken thousands of lives could explode, although the latest cease-fire agreement has partially held.

  • US commander says NATO to step up its intelligence-sharing 
    Updated: Apr-30-15 3:51 pm

    WASHINGTON - The top U.S. commander for NATO says the alliance will begin to improve intelligence-sharing with members and cooperation about the movement of foreign fighters from Iraq and Syria to the U.S. and other Western countries.

  • NATO: Big military build-up on Russia-Ukraine border story has photos
    Updated: Apr-23-15 3:01 pm

    BRUSSELS - NATO's chief on Thursday reported a sizeable Russian military buildup on the border with Ukraine that he said would enable pro-Moscow separatists to launch a new offensive with little warning.

  • Pentagon chief Carter: Europe 'not doing enough' on defense 
    Updated: Apr-22-15 10:43 am

    WASHINGTON - Defense Secretary Ash Carter chided America's European allies on Wednesday, saying a long slide in European defense spending calls into question its ability to partner with the U.S. military at a time of growing security threats across Europe.

  • Romanian, US, British troops stage NATO-planned exercises story has photos
    Updated: Apr-15-15 10:55 am

    SMARDAN, Romania - Some 2,200 Romanian, U.S., British and Moldovan troops will take part in military exercises in Romania, close to the Ukrainian border, beginning this week.

  • US, Russian war games rekindle Cold War tensions story has photos
    Updated: Apr-09-15 12:58 pm

    AMARI AIR BASE, Estonia - Russia is so close that the F-16 fighter pilots can see it on the horizon as they swoop down over a training range in Estonia in the biggest ever show of U.S. air power in the Baltic countries.