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Stories with organization: United States government
  • California lawmaker, aide sued in fatal DUI case 
    Updated: Apr-20-14 11:07 pm
  • SANTA BARBARA, California - The parents of a Santa Barbara woman who was fatally struck by a congresswoman's aide filed a federal lawsuit against the driver, U.S. Rep. Lois Capps and the U.S. government.

  • Education a sticking point as session nears end 
    Updated: Apr-20-14 10:28 pm
  • JUNEAU, Alaska - State lawmakers were trying to reach an agreement Sunday on a broad-reaching education bill, with the clock winding down on the 90-day session.

  • France edges US 3-2 in Fed Cup 
    Updated: Apr-20-14 9:18 pm
  • ST. LOUIS - Caroline Garcia is still trying to figure out her recent success.

  • Lawmakers call for tighter sanctions on Russia 
    Updated: Apr-20-14 8:03 pm
  • WASHINGTON - Two members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee called Sunday for beefing up western sanctions against Russia to include its petrochemical and banking industries and warned that Moscow thus far has ignored United States and European efforts to persuade it to back off its confrontation with Ukraine.

  • Kraft recalls 96,000 pounds of Oscar Mayer wieners 
    Updated: Apr-20-14 7:34 pm
  • NEW YORK - Kraft Foods is recalling 96,000 pounds of its Oscar Mayer wieners because they may mistakenly contain cheese.

  • Former EPA official: Fracking transparency vital 
    Updated: Apr-20-14 6:55 pm
  • MIDDLETON, Wisconsin - Controversies over the fracking process may be inevitable, a former administrator with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency acknowledged recently, but Wisconsin can protect its place as the leading supplier of sand for the nation's fracking boom as long as the state has strong regulations, maintains maximum transparency and responds quickly to neighbors' concerns.

  • GOP making bold play for US Senate seat in Oregon 
    Updated: Apr-20-14 5:15 pm
  • LAKE OSWEGO, Oregon - The GOP is making a bold play for a U.S. Senate seat in reliably Democratic Oregon, where a Republican hasn't been elected to a statewide office in more than a decade.

  • Heitkamp, Hoeven criticize pipeline decision delay 
    Updated: Apr-20-14 5:14 pm
  • WILLISTON, North Dakota - Members of North Dakota's congressional delegation are criticizing the Obama administration for putting off its decision on the contentious Keystone XL pipeline.

  • Sharp Elbows in Republican primaries 
    Updated: Apr-20-14 4:19 pm
  • RICHMOND, Virginia - There's been no free path to potential victory for Barbara Comstock as she tries to win the Republican primary contest next Saturday for the 10th Congressional District in northern Virginia.

  • 3 vying for Republican nomination for House seat 
    Updated: Apr-20-14 3:47 pm
  • LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas - The three candidates seeking the Republican nomination for a central Arkansas congressional seat are running on vows to cut taxes and regulations in Washington, but split sharply on who would be the strongest candidate in this fall's election.

  • Germany to play Czech Republic in Fed Cup final 
    Updated: Apr-20-14 3:39 pm
  • Germany will take on the Czech Republic in the Fed Cup final after both countries wrapped up their semifinal victories by winning the first reverse singles on Sunday.

  • Brewers fear proposed FDA rule would spike costs 
    Updated: Apr-20-14 3:23 pm
  • PORTLAND, Oregon - Northwest beer brewers have joined a national outcry over a proposed rule from the Food and Drug Administration which they say would make it prohibitively expensive for them to recycle spent grain by providing it to dairy farmers.

  • Ex-justice says politics can be factor on retiring 
    Updated: Apr-20-14 2:37 pm
  • WASHINGTON - John Paul Stevens says he thinks it's appropriate for Supreme Court justices to factor in political considerations when weighing a decision to retire.

  • Deer herd's 150-mile migration is longest recorded 
    Updated: Apr-20-14 1:32 pm
  • CASPER, Wyoming - Each spring, a herd of mule deer leaves the Red Desert and follows a trail of greening grass and retreating snow along the western slope of the Wind River Range. Months later, the animals arrive in the Hoback Basin south of Jackson, more than 150 miles away.

  • US Sen. Durbin says he's taking Oberweis seriously 
    Updated: Apr-20-14 1:27 pm
  • CHICAGO - U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin says he's taking his opponent in the November election more seriously than any challenger since he first was elected to the Senate nearly two decades ago.

  • Navy OKs changes for submariners' sleep schedules 
    Updated: Apr-20-14 1:25 pm
  • GROTON, Connecticut - With no sunlight to set day apart from night on a submarine, the U.S. Navy for decades has staggered sailors' working hours on schedules with little resemblance to life above the ocean's surface.

  • Wash. dairy farmers welcome higher milk prices 
    Updated: Apr-20-14 1:22 pm
  • BELLINGHAM, Washington - With milk prices steadily rising in recent months, Whatcom County dairy farmers are finding themselves in the unusual position of earning enough to rebuild savings accounts and pay back loans from the years of lean times.

  • Study: Fuels from corn waste not better than gas 
    Updated: Apr-20-14 1:10 pm
  • WASHINGTON - Biofuels made from the leftovers of harvested corn plants are worse than gasoline for global warming in the short term, a study shows, challenging the Obama administration's conclusions that they are a much cleaner oil alternative and will help combat climate change.

  • Coast Guard seeks pollution source in SC marinas 
    Updated: Apr-20-14 12:16 pm
  • CHARLESTON, South Carolina - The Coast Guard is looking for the source of pools of thick, purple pollution in Charleston waters.

  • Democrat's retirement opens door for GOP in NC 7th 
    Updated: Apr-20-14 11:37 am
  • RALEIGH, North Carolina - Two years ago, Republican David Rouzer lost to Democratic U.S. Rep. Mike McIntyre by just 654 votes - a razor-thin margin of 0.2 percent among the nearly 337,000 ballots cast.

  • Ohio hog farms hit by disease that kills baby pigs 
    Updated: Apr-20-14 11:32 am
  • TOLEDO, Ohio - A relatively new virus that kills newborn pigs has been found on hog farms around Ohio.

  • Officials say security tight for Boston Marathon 
    Updated: Apr-20-14 11:28 am
  • BOSTON - Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick and a congressional leader say security will be tight as thousands of runners and hundreds of thousands of spectators crowd Boston's streets for the annual Marathon.

  • Lost Union Army soldier honored with memorial 
    Updated: Apr-20-14 11:28 am
  • RADCLIFF, Kentucky - The story of an uneducated farmer from Anderson County was buried with him in an unmarked grave in Columbia until one of his descendants unearthed the truth and fought to have him recognized.

  • Legislative leaders push for adjournment 
    Updated: Apr-20-14 10:10 am
  • DES MOINES, Iowa - Disagreements remain on several budget bills and priorities Gov. Terry Branstad outlined at the beginning of the year still have obstacles to overcome, but leaders in the Legislature say ending the 2014 session this week is likely.

  • Delay in ferry evacuation puzzles maritime experts 
    Updated: Apr-20-14 8:28 am
  • MOKPO, South Korea - It is a decision that has maritime experts stumped and is at odds with standard procedure: Why were the passengers of the doomed South Korean ferry told to stay in their rooms rather than climb on deck?