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Stories with organization: U.S. Department of Defense
  • Senate adopts GOP budget targeting 'Obamacare' story has photos
    Updated: May-05-15 8:43 pm

    WASHINGTON - The Senate on Tuesday adopted a GOP budget that paves the way for an assault on President Barack Obama's health care law this summer and a partisan showdown over spending bills this fall.

  • Obama chooses Marine general as Joint Chiefs chairman story has photosstory has video
    Updated: May-05-15 1:51 pm

    WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama on Tuesday nominated a respected, combat hardened commander as his next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to lead the military during a key period of transition.

  • Pentagon accused of withholding information about sex crimes story has photos
    Updated: May-04-15 12:20 pm

    WASHINGTON - In a scathing critique of the Defense Department's efforts to curb sexual assaults, a U.S. senator warned Monday that the true scope of sex-related violence in the military communities is "vastly underreported" and that victims continue to struggle for justice.

  • ND Guard sexual assault response coordinator recognized 
    Updated: May-03-15 9:19 am

    BISMARCK, North Dakota - A social worker who leads a program within the North Dakota National Guard to help prevent sexual assaults and aid victims in their recovery has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Defense.

  • Pentagon grapples with retaliation in sex assault cases 
    Updated: May-01-15 5:31 pm

    WASHINGTON - It's not against the law or military regulations to choose not to sit with someone in the dining hall or to unfriend them on Facebook, but in the traumatic aftermath of a sexual assault, a victim could interpret those moves as retaliation.

  • House passes $35B bill for Energy Department, water projects 
    Updated: May-01-15 1:09 pm

    WASHINGTON - House Republicans Friday passed the second of 12 spending bills for the upcoming budget year, a $35 billion measure funding the Energy Department and popular water projects constructed by the Army Corps of Engineers.

  • House defense bill - at odds with Obama, Iraq, sage grouse 
    Updated: Apr-30-15 4:11 pm

    WASHINGTON - A nearly $612 billion defense policy bill headed to the House floor is at odds with the White House, a Shiite cleric in Iraq, anyone who wants to bar lethal aid to Ukrainian forces fighting Russian-backed rebels - and a bird known for its strutting.

  • Ex-commander: Nukes on high alert are vulnerable to error 
    Updated: Apr-30-15 3:39 am

    WASHINGTON - A former commander of U.S. nuclear forces is leading a call for taking U.S. and Russian nuclear missiles off high alert, arguing that keeping them less ready for prompt launch would reduce the risk of miscalculation in a crisis.

  • Obama increasing help to France in African terror fight 
    Updated: Apr-29-15 3:19 pm

    WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama is increasing the emergency Pentagon funding to help France fight terrorists in northwest Africa.

  • San Antonio man guilty in Honduras sex case with girl, 13 
    Updated: Apr-29-15 8:43 am

    HOUSTON - A South Texas man working for the Department of Defense in Honduras faces up to 30 years in prison for having sex with a 13-year-old girl.

  • GOP defense budget challenges Obama on Ukraine, Guantanamo 
    Updated: Apr-27-15 8:38 pm

    WASHINGTON - The GOP chairman of the House Armed Service Committee on Monday recommended a $604 billion defense budget for 2016 that challenges the White House because it includes lethal weapons for Ukraine, makes it harder for the president to empty the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay and restores funding for the A-10 fleet.

  • Murray, mom in tennis shoes in '92, stands her ground story has photos
    Updated: Apr-27-15 1:08 pm

    WASHINGTON - There's a disturbance in the force of the tradition-bound Senate and her name is Patty Murray.

  • US Green Berets join in Nepal earthquake relief 
    Updated: Apr-27-15 12:04 pm

    WASHINGTON - The Pentagon says two teams of U.S. Army Green Beret soldiers happened to be in Nepal when the deadly earthquake struck Saturday and are staying to help with search and relief efforts.

  • Pentagon: US military sending aid to quake-ravaged Nepal 
    Updated: Apr-26-15 4:14 pm

    WASHINGTON - The Pentagon says a U.S. military plane has departed from the Dover Air Force Base in Delaware bound for earthquake-stricken Nepal.

  • Ex-Ranger's long march to honor WWII hero story has photos
    Updated: Apr-26-15 3:43 pm

    ALBANY, New York - For years after Col. William O. Darby was killed in World War II, fellow soldiers would make a pilgrimage to his family's home just to talk to his mother about the fallen hero credited with forming the U.S. Army Rangers.

  • Deaths raise questions about ways to aid abducted Americans story has video
    Updated: Apr-25-15 3:16 am

    WASHINGTON - The accidental killing of two hostages in a U.S. operation against al-Qaida has put a new spotlight on the Obama administration's reliance on drones in the battle against terrorism - and has also raised pressure on the White House to revise the nation's oft-criticized strategy for dealing with abducted Americans and their families.

  • 2 nuke launch officers face illegal drug charges 
    Updated: Apr-24-15 7:15 pm

    WASHINGTON - Two more Air Force nuclear missile launch officers have been charged with illegal drug use in cases stemming from an investigation that led to the disclosure last year of a separate exam-cheating scandal, the Air Force said Friday.

  • Pentagon cites de-escalation of tensions over Iranian ships 
    Updated: Apr-24-15 6:26 pm

    WASHINGTON - The prospect of a U.S.-Iranian confrontation over the potential delivery of Iranian weapons to rebels in Yemen has receded, Pentagon officials said Friday.

  • Iowa St to get $125,000 for Sioux Falls game 
    Updated: Apr-24-15 12:45 pm

    AMES, Iowa - The Iowa State men's basketball team will be paid $125,000 to open next season against Colorado in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

  • Boehner: OK to swap agency budget boosts for other cuts 
    Updated: Apr-23-15 5:00 pm

    WASHINGTON - House Speaker John Boehner said Thursday that he'd welcome a bipartisan move to replace budget cuts to domestic agencies and the Pentagon with cuts elsewhere in the government's almost $4 trillion budget.

  • Carter: Pentagon must do more to find insider cyber threats 
    Updated: Apr-23-15 4:32 pm

    PALO ALTO, California - Defense Secretary Ash Carter says the Pentagon is still not where it needs to be in its ability to detect insider threats to its computer networks, nearly two years after former National Security Agency systems administrator Edward Snowden leaked classified documents about government surveillance to reporters.

  • New Pentagon strategy warns of cyberwar capabilities 
    Updated: Apr-23-15 2:28 pm

    PALO ALTO, California - A new Pentagon cybersecurity strategy lays out for the first time publicly that the U.S. military plans to use cyberwarfare as an option in conflicts with enemies.

  • New Pentagon strategy warns of cyberwar capabilities 
    Updated: Apr-23-15 12:04 am

    REDWOOD CITY, California - A new Pentagon cybersecurity strategy lays out for the first time publicly that the U.S. military plans to use cyberwarfare as an option in conflicts with enemies.

  • Carter concerned Iran ships may carry arms for Yemen rebels 
    Updated: Apr-22-15 9:55 pm

    MOFFETT FIELD, California - Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Wednesday he is concerned that Iranian ships heading toward Yemen may be carrying advanced weapons for the Houthi rebels, and moving a U.S. aircraft carrier to the region gives the president options.

  • Officials: Ex-Pentagon spokesman to move to State Department story has photos
    Updated: Apr-22-15 2:15 pm

    WASHINGTON - Former Pentagon spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby will retire from the military and move to the State Department to be that agency's new public face, U.S. officials said Wednesday.