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Stories with organization: Hawaii state government
  • Hawaii may extend time to sue for child sex abuse 
    Updated: Apr-23-14 11:17 pm
  • HONOLULU - Victims of child sexual abuse in Hawaii would have more time to file lawsuits against abusers if lawmakers and the governor approve one of two bills pending in the Legislature.

  • Governor's rival to speak at Democratic convention 
    Updated: Apr-23-14 5:37 pm
  • HONOLULU - Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie's Democratic primary opponent David Ige will be allowed to speak at the party's state Democratic convention in May after all, following complaints by his campaign.

  • Hawaii Supreme Court to convene on Big Island 
    Updated: Apr-23-14 9:04 am
  • HONOLULU - The Hawaii Supreme Court will be convening on the Big Island next week as part of the judiciary's community outreach program.

  • Choosing Hawaii state instrument proves difficult 
    Updated: Apr-22-14 7:43 pm
  • HONOLULU - The decision to name a state instrument in Hawaii is proving more difficult than some lawmakers expected.

  • Hawaii considers mandated autism care coverage 
    Updated: Apr-21-14 9:07 pm
  • HONOLULU - For Gerilyn Pinnow, every dollar that goes to treat her son's autism is one less she's able to save for her daughter's college education.

  • Hawaii lawmakers agree to end police sex loophole 
    Updated: Apr-17-14 11:04 pm
  • HONOLULU - Hawaii lawmakers in both chambers agree that legal permission for police to have sex with prostitutes should end.

  • Hawaii settles school abuse lawsuits 
    Updated: Apr-17-14 7:58 pm
  • HONOLULU - Hawaii has agreed to settle three lawsuits from parents who said their special-needs children were abused by workers at an elementary school.

  • Illinois gives early OK to $100M for Obama museum 
    Updated: Apr-17-14 5:19 pm
  • CHICAGO - Even though Chicago is where Barack Obama got his start in politics, first lady Michelle Obama grew up and the Obamas still call their hometown, state and local officials aren't taking for granted that the Windy City will land the president's official library.

  • Hawaii weighs expanded coverage for infertility 
    Updated: Apr-16-14 12:05 am
  • HONOLULU - When Piilani Smith was diagnosed with infertility at the doctor's office and chose to pursue fertility treatment, she was shocked by what she learned.

  • Abercrombie apologizes for statement about Inouye 
    Updated: Apr-15-14 3:56 pm
  • HONOLULU - Gov. Neil Abercrombie has apologized for his statements about Sen. Inouye's dying wish to appoint Rep. Colleen Hanabusa to his seat in the U.S. Senate.

  • Hawaii bills draw clash on future developments 
    Updated: Apr-14-14 10:52 pm
  • HONOLULU - A bill that affects development in Honolulu's urban core is touching off debate about the future of Hawaii and whether development will sprawl into rural areas or make the state's most populous city more dense.

  • Hawaii Legislature shifts, leaves some bills dead 
    Updated: Apr-11-14 9:58 pm
  • HONOLULU - Hawaii lawmakers are heading into the final stretch of their legislative session, and the fates of many bills have been decided thanks to the passing of a major deadline.

  • Outdoors groups hit lawmaker with ethics complaint 
    Updated: Apr-10-14 11:34 pm
  • HONOLULU - Rock climbers, mountain bikers and other outdoors enthusiasts filed an ethics complaint Thursday against a Hawaii House lawmaker over changes her committee made changes to a bill that could help expand public access to Hawaii's mountains and trails.

  • Hawaii lawmakers gut and replace contents of bills 
    Updated: Apr-10-14 2:25 am
  • HONOLULU - A series of bills that lawmakers passed in the Hawaii Senate were drafted without giving the public the proper chance to weigh in, following a "gut-and-replace" maneuver scorned by government watchdog groups.

  • Hawaii health-care exchange needs $4.7M next year 
    Updated: Apr-09-14 10:56 pm
  • HONOLULU - The head of the Hawaii Health Connector told a panel of lawmakers Wednesday that the troubled health exchange will need $4.7 million to be financially sustainable next year.

  • Future Pro Bowls to be played in Arizona, Hawaii 
    Updated: Apr-09-14 8:42 pm
  • HONOLULU - The next Pro Bowl will be played in Arizona at the site of the Super Bowl, skipping Hawaii for the first time since 2010.

  • Hawaii Senators grill state hospital administrator 
    Updated: Apr-09-14 5:46 pm
  • HONOLULU - Lawmakers quizzed the acting Hawaii State Hospital administrator in a hearing to investigate accounts of violence and mismanagement at the facility.

  • Hawaii lawmakers pass minimum wage hike 
    Updated: Apr-08-14 11:19 pm
  • HONOLULU - Lawmakers have passed a bill that will raise the minimum wage in Hawaii.

  • Hawaii lawmakers plow through mountain of bills 
    Updated: Apr-08-14 11:01 pm
  • HONOLULU - Hawaii lawmakers plowed through a mountain of bills Tuesday in advance of a legislative deadline, moving swiftly through their work until they hit a sex education bill that drew criticism from gay rights opponents and generated a salty debate in the state House.

  • Hawaii lawmakers shovel resolutions at deadline 
    Updated: Apr-05-14 10:08 am
  • HONOLULU - The deadline for concurrent resolutions to cross over from the House to the Senate, or vice-versa, has come and gone. That meant a flurry of hearings on concurrent resolutions - those requiring passage by both legislative chambers - during the week. More than 100 such resolutions survived crossover, while many others are now formally dead.

  • Hawaii panel says no to eating cats and dogs 
    Updated: Apr-04-14 10:02 pm
  • HONOLULU - A House committee has approved a bill to outlaw eating cats and dogs in Hawaii, a measure supported by animal lovers who lobbied lawmakers with their pets.

  • Hawaii House passes smoking ban in public housing 
    Updated: Apr-04-14 7:53 pm
  • HONOLULU - Residents in public housing might soon have a harder time finding a place to smoke.

  • Republican state Senator proposes smaller budget 
    Updated: Apr-04-14 7:13 pm
  • HONOLULU - Hawaii's lone Republican in the State Senate on Friday proposed a smaller state budget than what his Democratic counterparts approved in a longshot move to make the argument the state is headed for fiscal disaster if it doesn't change course.

  • Outdoor enthusiasts relieved panel passes bill 
    Updated: Apr-04-14 12:11 am
  • HONOLULU - A key state House committee advanced a bill Thursday evening that limit's the state's liability on public lands, relieving outdoor enthusiasts worried that litigation fears could lead to parks being shut down.

  • Djou enters race for Hawaii congressional seat 
    Updated: Apr-04-14 12:05 am
  • HONOLULU - Former U.S. Rep. Charles Djou of Hawaii has announced that he will run for Congress again, hoping to fill the seat that Rep. Colleen Hanabusa will vacate as she runs for U.S. Senate.