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Stories with organization: Louisiana State Legislature
  • La. legislative session reaches its midway point 
    Updated: Apr-19-14 11:19 am
  • BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Efforts to raise Louisiana's minimum wage and let school teachers carry guns to work appear jettisoned for the legislative session. Tougher restrictions on the payday lending industry and efforts to lessen marijuana penalties are on life support. And none of the major budget decisions have been settled.

  • Education chief: Testing critics don't have plan 
    Updated: Apr-17-14 3:02 pm
  • BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Continued efforts to try to keep Louisiana from using tests associated with the Common Core education standards are creating "a state of chaos" for public school teachers, Superintendent of Education John White said Thursday.

  • Bond Commission backs Jindal plan for surplus cash 
    Updated: Apr-17-14 11:56 am
  • BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Gov. Bobby Jindal's plan to use $210 million in surplus and one-time money to help balance next year's budget received the backing Thursday of the State Bond Commission, support that was needed for the maneuver to work.

  • Senate gives final passage to new explosives rules 
    Updated: Apr-16-14 4:07 am
  • BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Regulations will be tightened on explosives licenses in Louisiana, in response to the discovery of millions of pounds of improperly stored military propellant at Camp Minden.

  • Senate votes against legislative guns in Capitol 
    Updated: Apr-15-14 10:25 pm
  • BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Legislators still must leave their guns at the door of the Louisiana Capitol.

  • La. Senate backs bill against levee board lawsuit 
    Updated: Apr-15-14 9:22 pm
  • BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - The Louisiana Senate has agreed to void a lawsuit that a south Louisiana flood board filed against more than 90 oil and gas companies for coastal damage.

  • House kills bill to remove La.'s anti-sodomy law 
    Updated: Apr-15-14 8:02 pm
  • BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - The Louisiana House overwhelmingly rejected a repeal of the state's unconstitutional anti-sodomy law Tuesday.

  • Speed trap labeling bill dies in the La. House 
    Updated: Apr-15-14 6:31 pm
  • BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Louisiana won't have any officially labeled "speed traps."

  • Bill would let drivers choose federal-compliant ID 
    Updated: Apr-15-14 4:38 pm
  • BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Louisiana driver's licenses would move in line with federal standards soon to be required for ID cards used to board domestic flights under a bill that won the backing of a House committee Tuesday.

  • Senators back state management of carbon emissions 
    Updated: Apr-15-14 4:28 pm
  • BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Louisiana could have its own, less stringent plan for implementing the Environmental Protection Agency's limits on carbon dioxide emissions, under a proposal that got the approval Tuesday of the Senate Environmental Quality Committee.

  • Bill would restrict drones on La. private property 
    Updated: Apr-15-14 3:29 pm
  • BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Unmanned aircraft would be limited on Louisiana private property if lawmakers agree to a bill that won the support of a Senate judiciary committee Tuesday.

  • Supporters seek new angle to limit payday lending 
    Updated: Apr-14-14 3:46 pm
  • BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Now that lawmakers have shot down efforts to cap annual interest rates for payday loans, supporters for stricter regulations of the storefront lenders are rallying behind another strategy.

  • Auditor questions state child protection services 
    Updated: Apr-14-14 10:31 am
  • BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - An audit finds the state agency charged with protecting children in abuse and neglect situations has fewer workers, more cases and has failed to follow its own policies.

  • Lawmakers hanging onto their Tulane scholarships 
    Updated: Apr-11-14 12:55 pm
  • BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Louisiana lawmakers aren't giving up the Tulane University scholarships they get to dole out each year, but they might be willing to tweak who can receive them in hopes of easing criticism of the program.

  • Bill to raise La. minimum wage fails in committee 
    Updated: Apr-10-14 7:50 pm
  • BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Louisiana won't boost its minimum wage for hourly workers.

  • Bill would name the Bible as Louisiana state book 
    Updated: Apr-10-14 4:56 pm
  • BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Lawmakers are moving ahead with a proposal to name the Bible as Louisiana's official state book, despite concerns the bill would land the Legislature in court.

  • Bill requires mental health info before abortion 
    Updated: Apr-09-14 7:55 pm
  • BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Anti-abortion lawmakers want women seeking the procedure in Louisiana to get pamphlets describing possible psychological effects, the illegality of coerced abortions and services available to human trafficking victims.

  • Landrieu asks lawmakers to back Medicaid expansion 
    Updated: Apr-08-14 4:06 am
  • BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - While she was visiting Baton Rouge, U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu said she was meeting with state lawmakers to encourage them to support the expansion of Louisiana's Medicaid program.

  • Landrieu outpaces Cassidy in latest fundraising 
    Updated: Apr-07-14 9:15 pm
  • BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu continues to outraise her nearest competitor in Louisiana's Senate race.

  • House backs restrictions on student data sharing 
    Updated: Apr-07-14 5:11 pm
  • BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - The state House of Representatives has agreed to put new limits on how Louisiana handles public school student data.

  • Senators reject proposal to water down helmet law 
    Updated: Apr-03-14 4:00 pm
  • BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Louisiana motorcyclists still must wear helmets, without exceptions.

  • Bill easing marijuana penalties derailed 
    Updated: Apr-03-14 3:38 pm
  • BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - A New Orleans lawmaker's proposal to soften penalties for marijuana possession has been at least temporarily derailed by opposition from Louisiana sheriffs.

  • Bill would allow concealed guns in restaurants 
    Updated: Apr-02-14 6:40 pm
  • BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Concealed-handgun permit holders and armed off-duty police officers would be able to enter restaurants serving alcohol if lawmakers agree to a bill backed Wednesday by the House Criminal Justice Committee.

  • La. House backs bill creating rules for surrogacy 
    Updated: Apr-01-14 9:40 pm
  • BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - A proposal to create a legal framework for surrogacy births in Louisiana sailed through the House of Representatives with a 79-14 vote Tuesday, despite opposition from the state's Catholic bishops.

  • Bill barring anti-gay housing discrimination fails 
    Updated: Mar-31-14 5:22 pm
  • BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Lawmakers rejected a bill Monday that would have prohibited housing discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.