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Stories with organization: Louisiana State Legislature
  • Louisiana Senate passes bill allowing medical marijuana 
    Updated: May-04-15 8:53 pm

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Roughly a year after a medical marijuana bill was shot down in committee, the Louisiana Senate on Monday passed a similar proposal that could get medical-grade pot to those suffering from cancer, glaucoma and a severe form of cerebral palsy.

  • Casinos against bill requiring them to pay for rape exams 
    Updated: May-04-15 4:40 pm

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Louisiana's multibillion-dollar casino industry objects to a bill being pushed by Gov. Bobby Jindal that would use roughly $1.2 million in unclaimed gambling money to cover the cost of administering medical exams to rape victims.

  • Financing plan for Medicaid expansion wins committee support 
    Updated: May-04-15 12:19 pm

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Lawmakers have repeatedly refused to expand Louisiana's Medicaid program, siding with Gov. Bobby Jindal in opposition. But on Monday, they started advancing a proposal that would help pay for an expansion if Louisiana's next governor has any interest.

  • House committee OKs anti-union bill to strip dues deduction 
    Updated: Apr-30-15 8:49 pm

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - An anti-union bill approved by a House committee Thursday sets the stage for a high-profile legislative fight between business and organized labor, even as many lawmakers have said they'd rather focus on the state's $1.6 billion budget shortfall.

  • LSU students march in protest of possible deep college cuts 
    Updated: Apr-30-15 5:47 pm

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Chanting "No Funds, No Future," hundreds of LSU students and university supporters converged Thursday on the Louisiana Capitol to protest budget cuts that threaten to shutter programs, eliminate classes and force widespread layoffs on their campus.

  • Budget-balancing deal has yet to take shape in legislature 
    Updated: Apr-30-15 4:17 pm

    BATNO ROUGE, Louisiana - Louisiana lawmakers remain undecided on how to close next year's $1.6 billion shortfall, so the House tax committee has advanced a menu of options that could become the building blocks of a budget-balancing deal.

  • House gets bill to let state agents enforce sea turtle law 
    Updated: Apr-30-15 10:37 am

    NEW ORLEANS - The state House has been sent a bill that would reverse a 1987 law forbidding the state Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to enforce federal laws requiring shrimp nets to include escape hatches for sea turtles.

  • Proposal to limit TOPS program wins Louisiana Senate support 
    Updated: Apr-29-15 4:32 pm

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Despite opposition from Gov. Bobby Jindal, state senators have agreed to put cost controls on Louisiana's TOPS free college tuition program.

  • Proposal to scale back governor's records exemption advances 
    Updated: Apr-29-15 12:43 pm

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Lawmakers are considering whether to restrict the broad public records exemptions granted to the governor's office.

  • La. House votes to limit diversions on gasoline tax spending 
    Updated: Apr-28-15 4:06 am

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - The Louisiana House wants to put the brakes on spending state gasoline tax money for items other than roadwork.

  • Jindal blasts companies opposed to religious objections bill 
    Updated: Apr-23-15 7:59 pm

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Gov. Bobby Jindal said Thursday that businesses opposed to religious objections laws are entering an "unholy alliance" with the same liberal elites who support more taxes, regulation and "demonize" profit-making.

  • Lawmakers on House labor committee kill pay equity bill 
    Updated: Apr-22-15 7:47 pm

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Two bills aimed at making sure women earn pay equal to their male peers were shot down Wednesday by lawmakers - ensuring, advocates say, that Louisiana will continue to have the worst pay gap between men and women in the nation.

  • Legislative leaders propose standstill budget for themselves 
    Updated: Apr-20-15 5:40 pm

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Despite the state's $1.6 billion shortfall, the Louisiana Legislature's spending isn't on the chopping block.

  • Gov. Jindal vehemently defends religious objections bill 
    Updated: Apr-16-15 7:01 pm

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Gov. Bobby Jindal on Thursday gave a full-throated defense of a divisive religious objections bill that critics say could sanction discrimination against same-sex couples in Louisiana

  • Cigarette tax increase looks like a possibility this session 
    Updated: Apr-16-15 1:44 pm

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Louisiana's health advocacy groups see an opportunity this legislative session to get a long-sought cigarette tax hike in a state that has one of the lowest tobacco taxes in the country.

  • Briefs from the Louisiana Legislature's regular session 
    Updated: Apr-15-15 5:57 pm

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Legislative displeasure over diverted roadwork money showed up Wednesday in a transportation department request to spend $2 million from the highway fund for overtime and supplies responding to icy weather in north Louisiana earlier this year.

  • Public gets its turn to outline budget concerns to lawmakers 
    Updated: Apr-14-15 4:44 pm

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - The stories were heartbreaking, and the list of budget requests expensive as parents, health care providers and advocacy groups asked lawmakers Tuesday to reverse cuts that Gov. Bobby Jindal proposes to balance next year's budget.

  • Jindal goes beyond the budget as legislative session opens 
    Updated: Apr-13-15 7:02 pm

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - While state lawmakers focused on finances, Gov. Bobby Jindal used his final opening day speech for a Louisiana legislative session Monday to reprise ideas he's been pushing nationally as he readies a likely presidential campaign.

  • New Louisiana Capitol security system snares lawmaker's car 
    Updated: Apr-13-15 6:31 pm

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - One Louisiana lawmaker had a particularly rough first day of the 2015 legislative session.

  • Louisiana is latest state in religious objections debate 
    Updated: Apr-10-15 3:49 pm

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Even before the opening of Louisiana's legislative session, a bill has thrust the state into the national debate over religious objections laws.

  • Revenue chief: Loopholes allow many companies to skip taxes 
    Updated: Apr-08-15 4:32 pm

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Revenue Secretary Tim Barfield says data analysis by his department shows many of the largest companies doing business in Louisiana don't pay income taxes to the state.

  • Education leader says Jindal budget guts student testing 
    Updated: Apr-07-15 5:01 pm

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Louisiana's education superintendent asked lawmakers Tuesday to add money to his budget for standardized testing next year, saying Gov. Bobby Jindal's proposal would wreck the state's ability to measure student performance.

  • Film industry pushing its own study of La. tax break program 
    Updated: Apr-06-15 6:55 pm

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Fighting to keep its lucrative tax break program from being gutted, the film industry Monday circulated an economic analysis of the program's impact in Louisiana that was rosier than a state-financed study.