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Stories with organization: Iraq government
  • Iraq sends troops to key refinery amid Islamic State clashes story has photos
    Updated: May-05-15 12:28 pm

    BAGHDAD - Reinforcements were rushed to Iraq's key Beiji refinery amid heavy fighting with Islamic State militants who have been trying to capture the facility for months, Iraqi officials said Tuesday.

  • Iraqi city still a ghost town a month after defeat of IS 
    Updated: May-04-15 2:13 am

    BAGHDAD - Iraqi government forces drove the Islamic State group out of Abu Mustafa's hometown of Tikrit over a month ago, but he has yet to return, fearing the Shiite militias that now patrol its bombed and battered streets.

  • Congressmen to reconsider separate funding for Iraq factions 
    Updated: May-03-15 3:52 pm

    BAGHDAD - Congress may reconsider a provision in an upcoming bill funding the training of the Iraqi army that would also send weapons directly to Arab Sunnis and Kurds, a congressman visiting Baghdad said Sunday.

  • House defense bill - at odds with Obama, Iraq, sage grouse 
    Updated: Apr-30-15 4:11 pm

    WASHINGTON - A nearly $612 billion defense policy bill headed to the House floor is at odds with the White House, a Shiite cleric in Iraq, anyone who wants to bar lethal aid to Ukrainian forces fighting Russian-backed rebels - and a bird known for its strutting.

  • Jordan's overland trade paralyzed by Iraq, Syria border woes story has photos
    Updated: Apr-30-15 3:08 am

    JABER CROSSING, Jordan - Jordan's overland trade has largely been paralyzed by recent border attacks from insurgents in neighboring Syria and Iraq - a spillover of regional turmoil threatening a close Western ally that has thus far succeeded in fending off Islamic militants.

  • UK trial: US soldier describes chaos after Iraq explosion 
    Updated: Apr-29-15 12:20 pm

    LONDON - A U.S. soldier has testified at a British court about the carnage after an explosion caused by an improvised bomb in Iraq in 2007.

  • Iraq faces huge challenges dislodging Islamic State in Anbar story has photos
    Updated: Apr-28-15 4:17 am

    BAGHDAD - Iraqi forces are on a westward push to retake Anbar, a sprawling Sunni-dominated desert province captured by the Islamic State group in their offensive last year. But as the battles for Tikrit and Ramadi have shown, it will be a hard slog for a much-diminished Iraqi army - especially given Baghdad's reticence to arm Sunni tribesmen and local fears of the Shiite militias backing government forces.

  • SW Pennsylvania road renamed for soldier killed in Iraq 
    Updated: Apr-27-15 9:22 am

    CONFLUENCE, Pennsylvania - A rural road has been renamed for a southwestern Pennsylvania soldier killed in Iraq 10 years ago.

  • Americans with illegal Iraq War souvenirs go unprosecuted story has photos
    Updated: Apr-17-15 9:29 am

    HARTFORD, Connecticut - As the elected Iraqi government seeks diplomatic respect and struggles to save its ancient sites from the rampages of the Islamic State group, American military members, contractors and others caught with culturally significant artifacts they brought home from the war there are going largely unprosecuted.

  • Dempsey: US focusing airstrikes to protect Beiji refinery 
    Updated: Apr-16-15 5:12 pm

    WASHINGTON - Losing the capital of Iraq's western Anbar province to advancing Islamic State forces would be a tragic but not crippling blow to Iraq's counteroffensive, the top U.S. military officer said Thursday.

  • Australia to deploy 300 additional troops to Iraq 
    Updated: Apr-14-15 2:16 am

    WELLINGTON, New Zealand - Australia's government said Tuesday it had completed preparations to send about 300 additional troops to Iraq and would deploy them over the coming weeks.

  • Chadron post office to be named for soldier killed in Iraq 
    Updated: Apr-13-15 10:09 am

    CHADRON, Nebraska - A formal ceremony has been scheduled to mark the naming of the Chadron post office after a soldier killed in Iraq more than 11 years ago.