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Stories with organization: Minnesota State Legislature
  • Minnesota Senate rejects $1.5 million public works bill 
    Updated: May-05-16 4:57 pm

    ST. PAUL, Minnesota - Minnesota's Senate narrowly rejected a Democratic plan to borrow $1.5 billion for public construction projects across the state on Thursday, providing just the latest reminder of the wide divide between Republicans and Democrats as the legislative session winds down with little settled.

  • State senator's name would grace street, but it's illegal 
    Updated: May-02-16 5:49 pm

    ST. PAUL, Minnesota - A Democratic state senator's name would grace a rebuilt street under a public construction bill released Monday - an illegal honor that one Republican lawmaker says reeks of political favoritism.

  • Sweeping cuts to drug sentences put Legislature on notice 
    Updated: Apr-29-16 4:15 pm

    ST. PAUL, Minnesota - A group of Minnesota county attorneys and law enforcement officials urged lawmakers Friday to significantly reduce prison sentences for many of the state's drug offenders before automatic changes take effect in August.

  • Minnesota's final budget pieces set stage for negotiations 
    Updated: Apr-28-16 8:05 pm

    ST. PAUL, Minnesota - Minnesota lawmakers were putting the finishing touches on their wildly different plans for a $900 million budget surplus Thursday, pushing the spending debate away from public House and Senate floors and into closed negotiating rooms.

  • House, Senate split on state funding for abortions 
    Updated: Apr-28-16 3:56 pm

    ST. PAUL, Minnesota - The debate over taxpayer funding going toward abortions in Minnesota has returned.

  • Broadband funding pieces start falling into place 
    Updated: Apr-27-16 8:18 pm

    ST. PAUL, Minnesota - Nearly a year's worth of legislative wrangling over how much to spend on broadband Internet development started to come together Wednesday, as the Minnesota House took up a budget bill setting the mark at $40 million.

  • Dayton says he can't restore felon voting rights on his own 
    Updated: Apr-27-16 5:14 pm

    ST. PAUL, Minnesota - Gov. Mark Dayton says he'd like to restore voting rights for people convicted of felonies, but he can't.

  • Push to restore felon voting rights re-emerges in Minnesota 
    Updated: Apr-26-16 4:02 pm

    ST. PAUL, Minnesota - Senate Democrats are pushing to restore voting rights faster to felons.

  • Background check bill riles both sides of gun law debate 
    Updated: Apr-26-16 12:21 pm

    ST. PAUL, Minnesota - Talk about expanding background checks for gun sales has returned to the Minnesota Legislature, but it won't come to a vote.

  • House GOP takes first turn in setting budget surplus plans 
    Updated: Apr-25-16 9:53 pm

    ST. PAUL, Minnesota - The Republican-controlled Minnesota House passed a spending package Monday for public schools and universities that includes some small increases without dipping into the state's $900 million budget surplus.

  • The Latest: Minnesota House passes education budget bill 
    Updated: Apr-25-16 9:46 pm

    ST. PAUL, Minnesota - The Latest on Minnesota's education budget (all times local):

  • Keeping old licenses part of Minnesota Real ID debate 
    Updated: Apr-25-16 2:24 pm

    ST. PAUL, Minnesota - House Republicans advanced a bill Monday that wouldn't allow Minnesota residents to keep their older IDs as the state makes upgrades to satisfy the federal government - the latest in the list of issues the Legislature will need to address as lawmakers weigh how to comply with Real ID.

  • Iowa looks to Minnesota for medical marijuana 
    Updated: Apr-22-16 3:25 pm

    ST. PAUL, Minnesota - Iowa and Minnesota lawmakers are exploring a system to allow Iowa residents to buy medical marijuana oil from their northern neighbor, lawmakers from both states have told The Associated Press.

  • Revisions to buffer-strip law headed to governor's desk 
    Updated: Apr-21-16 12:14 pm

    ST. PAUL, Minnesota - A measure scaling back Minnesota's buffer-strip law passed last year is headed to the governor's desk.

  • House Republicans take aim at Iron Range investment board 
    Updated: Apr-20-16 6:13 pm

    ST. PAUL, Minnesota - House Republicans are taking aim at a state agency that invests in Minnesota's Iron Range, saying it lacks proper accountability and oversight and that its structure is open to a constitutional challenge.

  • Dayton criticizes lawmaker's letter on harassment case 
    Updated: Apr-20-16 5:46 pm

    ST. PAUL, Minnesota - Gov. Mark Dayton is criticizing remarks by a state lawmaker who asked the administration to review sexual harassment policies in state agencies.

  • Funding for 'Snowbate' program again on the chopping block 
    Updated: Apr-19-16 4:27 pm

    ST. PAUL, Minnesota - In the film "Dear White People," actress Tessa Thompson stands next to the regal brick facade of a building on her fictional Ivy League campus, on the verge of protesting with her classmates. But the scene wasn't filmed at Harvard or Yale - she was standing in the shadow of Folwell Hall at the University of Minnesota.

  • State Sen. Terri Bonoff launches DFL bid for Congress 
    Updated: Apr-16-16 3:37 pm

    MINNETONKA, Minnesota - State Sen. Terri Bonoff of Minnetonka said Saturday she is running for the U.S. House seat held by Republican Erik Paulsen.

  • State Senate, House almost $50M apart on education proposals 
    Updated: Apr-14-16 6:06 pm

    ST. PAUL, Minnesota - Lawmakers in the state Senate and House are putting the finishing touches on their school spending packages, queuing up a lengthy debate over the cost and just where that money should come from. Education is one of the few issues so far where lawmakers have shown signs of agreement, but there's still a gulf of about $50 million between their proposals.

  • GOP revives cuts to commissioner pay, campaign subsidies 
    Updated: Apr-14-16 5:14 pm

    ST. PAUL, Minnesota - House Republicans are reviving cost-reduction measures in a second budget go-around, detailing their plans Thursday to cut state agency commissioner salaries, freeze public employee hiring and suspend Minnesota's public campaign subsidy program.

  • Panel approves $1.8M payment to wrongfully convicted men 
    Updated: Apr-13-16 3:41 pm

    ST. PAUL, Minnesota - Minnesota lawmakers are expected to sign off on nearly $1.8 million in total payouts to three men who were wrongfully convicted of crimes and later cleared.

  • House GOP targets teacher diversity in budget plan 
    Updated: Apr-12-16 6:40 pm

    ST. PAUL, Minnesota - Lawmakers in the Republican-controlled House want Minnesota's teacher workforce to better reflect the cultural and ethnic diversity makeup of the state's school districts and also increase spending toward early childhood learning and literacy programs.

  • Transgender bathroom bill supporters, foes pack hearing 
    Updated: Apr-12-16 2:36 pm

    ST. PAUL, Minnesota - A group of Minnesota parents urged lawmakers Tuesday to ban people from using public facilities that don't correspond with their birth sex, and a transgender woman countered that she's not a sexual predator but just wants to use the restroom like anyone else.

  • Push to expand firework sales returns to state Legislature 
    Updated: Apr-11-16 6:04 pm

    ST. PAUL, Minnesota - It's spring in Minnesota, which means baseball is back, flowers are blooming and the perennial debate over expanding firework sales has returned.

  • Democrats float special office to handle deadly force cases 
    Updated: Apr-11-16 5:14 pm

    ST. PAUL, Minnesota - Some Minnesota lawmakers proposed Monday that a special prosecutor be created to handle every case in which police use deadly force, just weeks after a county prosecutor declined to charge the two Minneapolis officers involved in the shooting death of a black man.