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Stories with person: Mitch McConnell
  • new storySenate leaders vow fast action on North Korea sanctions bill story has photos
    Updated: Feb-10-16 11:18 am

    WASHINGTON - Senate leaders pledged on Wednesday to take swift action on legislation imposing more stringent sanctions on North Korea for willfully violating international law by pushing ahead with its nuclear weapons program.

  • Obama admin says it won't use Ebola funding to combat Zika story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Feb-09-16 7:08 pm

    WASHINGTON - The Obama administration on Tuesday rejected a Republican suggestion to use money Congress provided to fight the Ebola virus to combat the Zika virus and mosquitoes that spread it.

  • Conservative opposition threatens criminal justice overhaul 
    Updated: Feb-09-16 6:42 pm

    WASHINGTON - A handful of Senate Republicans on Tuesday dealt a severe blow to prospects for overhauling the criminal justice system in Congress this year, with one lawmaker calling the bipartisan legislation championed by President Barack Obama and some prominent conservatives "a massive social experiment in criminal leniency."

  • Senate confirms Obama's choice for ambassador to Myanmar 
    Updated: Feb-09-16 2:51 pm

    WASHINGTON - The Senate has confirmed President Barack Obama's nominee to serve as ambassador to Myanmar.

  • Obama asking Congress for emergency funding to combat Zika story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Feb-08-16 10:40 pm

    WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama is asking Congress for more than $1.8 billion in emergency funding to fight the Zika virus and the mosquitoes that spread it here and abroad, but says "there shouldn't be a panic on this."

  • Timing is everything: Obama's budget same day as NH primary story has photos
    Updated: Feb-08-16 11:38 am

    WASHINGTON - The main thing to know about President Barack Obama's final, $4 trillion budget is that it comes on the same day as the New Hampshire primary, ensuring it gets minimal attention with all the focus on the White House contenders.

  • State leaders pay tribute to Georgia Davis Powers 
    Updated: Feb-04-16 6:59 pm

    FRANKFORT, Kentucky - When Regena Thomas took office last decade as New Jersey's secretary of state, her thoughts turned to her mentor in Kentucky - civil rights icon and longtime state legislator Georgia Davis Powers.

  • Capitol Hill Buzz: Alicia Keys flirty appeal to Speaker Ryan 
    Updated: Feb-04-16 6:15 pm

    WASHINGTON - Singer Alicia Keys has a flirty message for Speaker Paul Ryan: He can be her Valentine if the House acts on criminal justice reform.

  • Senate Democrats block energy bill in impasse over Flint story has photos
    Updated: Feb-04-16 3:53 pm

    WASHINGTON - Senate Democrats on Thursday blocked the first bipartisan energy bill in almost a decade after majority Republicans balked over sending hundreds of millions of dollars in emergency aid to Flint, Michigan, to fix and replace the city's lead-contaminated pipes.

  • Former Kentucky Senator Marlow Cook dies at 89 
    Updated: Feb-04-16 2:55 pm

    LOUISVILLE, Kentucky - Former Kentucky Sen. Marlow Cook, who served in Washington during Richard Nixon's presidency, has died. He was 89.

  • US, 11 other countries sign free-trade deal in New Zealand 
    Updated: Feb-03-16 8:14 pm

    WELLINGTON, New Zealand - Trade ministers from 12 Pacific Rim countries including the United States gathered Thursday in New Zealand for the ceremonial signing of a free-trade deal they say will significantly boost trade.

  • Trade ministers sign pact focused on Asia-Pacific region 
    Updated: Feb-03-16 7:09 pm

    WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama is applauding the signing of an ambitious free trade agreement among 12 countries that he says would support jobs in the United States.

  • High hopes, wide gulf as Obama, GOP look for common ground story has photos
    Updated: Feb-02-16 6:23 pm

    WASHINGTON - Can President Barack Obama and Republicans put aside years of ill will to secure a few big breakthroughs in Obama's final year? Don't get your hopes up.

  • Attorney: Feds subpoena information on Grimes' campaigns 
    Updated: Feb-01-16 8:39 pm

    LEXINGTON, Kentucky - An attorney for the father of Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes says a federal grand jury has subpoenaed him and two of his businesses for records relating to his daughter's political campaigns.

  • Drug abuse bill raises hopes for election-year achievement story has photos
    Updated: Jan-27-16 6:46 pm

    WASHINGTON - In a testy election year likely to see scant collaboration between Republicans and Democrats, there's a glint of hope in Congress for a bipartisan bill aimed at fighting heroin and opioid addiction - a deadly, growing problem that afflicts states both red and blue.

  • House Dems, who delivered for Obama, now diminished minority story has photos
    Updated: Jan-27-16 3:17 pm

    BALTIMORE - House Democrats clawed their way into power and delivered a burst of historic legislation for President Barack Obama after he took office seven years ago. Now, in his final year, Obama is leaving them greatly diminished and confronting questions about whether their next generation of leaders can lead them back into the majority.

  • Cornyn a 'peacemaker' as GOP rift on criminal justice widens story has photos
    Updated: Jan-26-16 2:36 pm

    WASHINGTON - A widening Republican rift over revamping the nation's criminal justice system is dashing hopes for overhaul in the final year of President Barack Obama's tenure despite strong bipartisan support and a concerted effort by the second-ranking GOP senator.

  • GOP establishment moving a little closer to accepting Trump 
    Updated: Jan-23-16 10:08 am

    DES MOINES, Iowa - Donald Trump and some mainstream Republicans are engaged in a long-distance flirtation. Both sides are coming to the realization that they'll need each other if the billionaire businessman becomes the party's presidential nominee.

  • Senate Democrats block Syrian refugee bill from advancing story has photos
    Updated: Jan-20-16 4:07 pm

    WASHINGTON - Senate Democrats on Wednesday blocked a bill that would crack down on Syrian and Iraqi refugees coming to the U.S. as the debate turned into a referendum on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and his policies.

  • Negotiator: Other nations interested in Pacific Rim deal 
    Updated: Jan-19-16 6:50 pm

    NEW ORLEANS - One of the negotiators of the Pacific Rim trade agreement said Tuesday that since the deal was reached in October, about 13 other countries have requested information about the Trans-Pacific Partnership and some have wanted to join it.

  • Trade official: other nations interested in Pacific Rim deal 
    Updated: Jan-19-16 5:16 pm

    NEW ORLEANS - The Latest on a U.S. trade official's visit to New Orleans (all times local):

  • AP EXPLAINS: What Congress can do about Puerto Rico's debt story has photos
    Updated: Jan-18-16 1:56 pm

    WASHINGTON - Puerto Rico's $72 billion public debt crisis has forced congressional leaders to pay attention to a U.S. territory that's usually on the sidelines of American politics.

  • House pledges bold election-year agenda, health care plan story has photos
    Updated: Jan-15-16 1:43 pm

    BALTIMORE - Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin pledged Friday that the House will produce a governing agenda by the time Republicans pick their presidential nominee later this year. "This is nothing short of a generational defining moment," Ryan told reporters as Republicans wrapped up their annual retreat here.

  • Candidate accuses Sen. Burr of enabling progressive agenda 
    Updated: Jan-12-16 9:02 pm

    CARY, North Carolina - Second-time U.S. Senate candidate Greg Brannon told conservative allies Tuesday night that Sen. Richard Burr has enabled President Barack Obama's initiatives on Capitol Hill and that he would stand up for constitutional principles on the Senate floor if he unseated the Republican incumbent.

  • Senate confirms Restrepo as other nominees languish story has photos
    Updated: Jan-11-16 6:41 pm

    WASHINGTON - The Senate Monday confirmed President Barack Obama's last remaining nominee to a U.S. appeals court, seating Judge Luis Felipe Restrepo after a wait of more than 400 days.