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Stories with person: Hassan Rouhani
  • Iran's Ahmadinejad seeks political comeback 
    Updated: Aug-03-15 2:59 pm

    TEHRAN, Iran - Iran's former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has launched a political campaign ahead of February's parliamentary elections in what could prove a challenge to the moderates behind a landmark nuclear agreement reached last month.

  • Iran cuts welfare rolls to ease budget crisis 
    Updated: Aug-02-15 11:50 am

    TEHRAN, Iran - Iran said Sunday it will stop giving cash handouts to another million of its wealthiest citizens in order to ease a budget crisis caused in part by plunging oil prices and sanctions linked to its disputed nuclear program.

  • Iran, France talk of 'new era' in ties after nuclear deal story has photos
    Updated: Jul-29-15 10:33 am

    TEHRAN, Iran - France sought Wednesday to relaunch diplomatic ties with Iran in the hope of boosting business in the country, following a key nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers reached earlier this month.

  • Putin, Xi, Rouhani to address annual UN high-level meeting 
    Updated: Jul-27-15 10:35 am

    UNITED NATIONS - The presidents of China, Russia, Iran and the United States are scheduled to speak at the 70th annual U.N. General Assembly of world leaders in September - a rare appearance for Russian President Vladimir Putin and the first for Chinese President Xi Jinping.

  • Nuclear deal has companies eyeing Iranian opportunities anew story has photos
    Updated: Jul-18-15 12:36 pm

    DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - The nuclear deal is done. Now it's time to talk business.

  • US, Iran roll the dice diplomatically and get a nuclear deal 
    Updated: Jul-18-15 12:46 am

    WASHINGTON - The talks themselves were a groundbreaking and risky proposition when U.S. and Iranian officials met secretly in the sleepy Arab kingdom of Oman, archenemies feinting for a diplomatic opening. The opposing sides had barely spoken to one another in three-plus decades.

  • 5 things to know about the Iran nuclear deal 
    Updated: Jul-15-15 11:06 am

    WASHINGTON - After more than three decades of enmity, Iran and the West have struck a historic deal aimed at keeping Tehran from building a nuclear bomb. Five things you need to know:

  • In Arab world, worries that deal will boost Iran's power story has photos
    Updated: Jul-15-15 6:03 am

    DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - The nuclear deal with Iran was met with a profound wariness in the Arab world, where concerns are widespread that the easing of its international isolation could tip the already bloody contest for power in the region toward Shiite-led Tehran.

  • For US and Iran, nuke deal is a series of tough compromises 
    Updated: Jul-15-15 3:10 am

    WASHINGTON - The nuclear accord with Iran required a difficult series of compromises for world powers and Tehran.

  • Iran nuclear deal: Fine 'new chapter' or 'historic mistake'? story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Jul-14-15 10:16 pm

    VIENNA - Overcoming decades of hostility, Iran, the United States, and five other world powers struck a historic accord Tuesday to check Tehran's nuclear efforts short of building a bomb. The agreement could give Iran access to billions in frozen assets and oil revenue, stave off more U.S. military action in the Middle East and reshape the tumultuous region.

  • Q&A on the Iranian nuclear deal 
    Updated: Jul-14-15 6:28 pm

    WASHINGTON - Here's what you need to know about the Iran nuclear deal:

  • Iranians welcome nuclear deal, hope for brighter economy story has photos
    Updated: Jul-14-15 4:32 pm

    TEHRAN, Iran - Drivers honked their horns and dozens of Iranians cheered in a main square and boulevard of the capital Tehran on Tuesday, welcoming their country's landmark nuclear deal with world powers, which they hope will mean an end to isolation and sanctions that have crippled the economy.

  • From covert Iran nuke program to final deal - a timeline 
    Updated: Jul-14-15 9:05 am

    VIENNA - Tuesday's nuclear agreement between world powers and Iran culminates more than a decade of diplomatic efforts to ensure that Tehran cannot develop nuclear weapons.

  • Iran holds third closed session in trial of Post reporter story has photos
    Updated: Jul-13-15 10:02 am

    TEHRAN, Iran - The closed-door trial of Washington Post correspondent Jason Rezaian, who has been detained in an Iranian prison for nearly a year, resumed for a third session Monday. No decision in the case was announced.

  • Thousands of Iranians march in annual pro-Palestine rallies 
    Updated: Jul-10-15 8:25 am

    TEHRAN, Iran - Tens of thousands of Iranians chanted "Down with America" and "Death to Israel" during annual pro-Palestinian rallies nationwide on Friday, as a top leader said the U.S. would be making a "strategic mistake" if it pulled out of ongoing negotiations on Tehran's nuclear program.

  • Putin, Rouhani discuss nuclear and security cooperation 
    Updated: Jul-09-15 11:50 am

    MOSCOW - The presidents of Russia and Iran have held talks that Vladimir Putin's spokesman says covered military and nuclear cooperation, as well as the fight against the Islamic State group.