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Stories with person: Bobby Jindal
  • Edwards asks public to support tax hikes for state budget 
    Updated: Feb-11-16 9:15 pm

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - In a rare, statewide televised speech, Gov. John Bel Edwards tried Thursday to persuade Louisianians that he and lawmakers need to raise their taxes to help pay for continuing government services.

  • Landry drops fight with Edwards over Common Core lawsuit 
    Updated: Feb-11-16 6:58 pm

    NEW ORLEANS - Louisiana's attorney general ended a political feud with the state's new governor on Thursday over Common Core, saying he agrees it is time to drop a lawsuit claiming that federal authorities were trying to force states to adopt the math and English education standards.

  • The Latest: Landry drops 'Common Core' fight with Edwards 
    Updated: Feb-11-16 5:28 pm

    NEW ORLEANS - The Latest on a disagreement between Gov. John Bel Edwards and Attorney General Jeff Landry over whether to pursue a lawsuit against the federal government over Common Core education standards (all times local):

  • Louisiana's current budget woes mirror 1988 financial gaps 
    Updated: Feb-11-16 5:02 am

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - A new Louisiana governor inherits a massive budget mess, a state struggling with years of red ink that his predecessor patched through rather than fixing. Now, government services are on the chopping block, threatened with hefty reductions.

  • Louisiana revenue forecasts drop again; budget gap at $850M 
    Updated: Feb-10-16 6:29 pm

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Louisiana's budget gap grew worse Wednesday, reaching a projection of at least $850 million and placing government services at risk of deep cuts, with only four months remaining to rebalance the state's spending plan.

  • Travel fund for Kasich security tops $350K story has photos
    Updated: Feb-08-16 3:51 pm

    COLUMBUS, Ohio - The cost of Ohio Gov. John Kasich's security detail has skyrocketed since the Republican governor began running for president last year.

  • Recent state laws on domestic abuse, gun rights 
    Updated: Feb-06-16 8:13 am

    Specifics of the state laws passed during the last two years that are intended to make it harder for people convicted or suspected of domestic violence to access firearms:

  • Obama signs Louisiana emergency declaration 
    Updated: Feb-05-16 8:43 pm

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - President Barack Obama has declared an emergency in Louisiana in areas affected by flooding that occurred Dec. 28 through Feb. 1.

  • Jindal lawsuit against Common Core scrapped by new governor 
    Updated: Feb-04-16 6:00 pm

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Gov. John Bel Edwards announced Thursday that he is ending Louisiana's lawsuit against President Barack Obama's administration over the Common Core education standards.

  • Edwards says unions 'have a friend in the governor's office' 
    Updated: Feb-03-16 8:17 pm

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Gov. John Bel Edwards embraced his support from organized labor, telling a construction trades union Wednesday that he won't distance himself from the groups now that he's leading the state and saying: "You have a friend in the governor's office."

  • Governor keeps juvenile justice, financial agency leaders 
    Updated: Feb-03-16 12:07 pm

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Gov. John Bel Edwards is keeping his predecessor's picks to lead Louisiana's juvenile corrections office and the state's financial regulatory agency.

  • Panel Oks Common Core changes for education board vote 
    Updated: Feb-02-16 6:06 pm

    NEW ORLEANS - A 26-member panel of Louisiana educators overwhelmingly approved a package of revisions Tuesday to the Common Core education standards used in the state, although two members questioned whether teachers can be adequately prepared to make the transition in time for the next school year.

  • Top Edwards budget adviser says he'll cut executive payroll 
    Updated: Feb-02-16 6:51 am

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne says he will cut spending on his office's executive staff, amid criticism that Gov. John Bel Edwards' administration is paying too much for his cabinet secretaries.

  • State ends mandatory use of online hotel booking firm 
    Updated: Jan-25-16 7:27 pm

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Gov. John Bel Edwards' administration is scrapping a requirement that Louisiana government agencies must use an out-of-state company to book their employees' hotel rooms.

  • New governor hasn't made decisions on Jindal-era lawsuits 
    Updated: Jan-25-16 12:11 pm

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Former Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration became embroiled in three high-profile lawsuits involving issues targeted by conservatives during his ill-fated bid for the Republican presidential nomination: Planned Parenthood, Common Core and same-sex marriage.

  • Gov. Edwards budget plan at odds with lawsuit settlement 
    Updated: Jan-21-16 7:31 pm

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Gov. John Bel Edwards' proposal to redirect Gulf oil spill recovery money to rebalance this year's budget appears to conflict with a legal settlement the state struck two years ago, aimed at ending a lawsuit over Louisiana's "rainy day" fund.

  • Edwards owes up to $155M to cover Jindal's business deals 
    Updated: Jan-21-16 4:14 pm

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - When Bobby Jindal exited the governor's office, he left behind a string of IOUs for his economic development deals, at least $155 million of which could come due during the next four years of Gov. John Bel Edwards' term.

  • Louisiana editorial roundup 
    Updated: Jan-20-16 5:26 pm

    Recent editorials from Louisiana newspapers:

  • Republicans decry waiver of food stamp work requirements 
    Updated: Jan-14-16 6:12 pm

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Republicans on Thursday criticized Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards' decision to waive work requirements for thousands of food stamp recipients, saying the assistance program should only be a short-term safety net.