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Stories with person: Andrew Cuomo
  • US attorney appears to focus on political favors in New York story has photos
    Updated: Oct-03-15 11:09 am

    ALBANY, New York - With a widening probe of New York state government, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara appears to be taking aim at the nebulous relationship between money and politics itself - a long and murky association in Albany and in capitals across the nation.

  • NY Gov. Cuomo: NYC must pay "fair share" for MTA upgrades 
    Updated: Oct-02-15 4:30 pm

    ALBANY, New York - New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says there's no deal on how to pay for $32 billion in upgrades to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority because city officials are so far refusing to pay their "fair share."

  • New NYC Legionnaires' disease outbreak kills 1, sickens 12 
    Updated: Sep-30-15 5:06 pm

    NEW YORK - A new Legionnaires' disease cluster discovered in the Bronx has killed one person and sickened 12 others just a month after the largest outbreak of the disease in New York City history, health officials said Wednesday.

  • NY redacts SUNY legal contract; firm won't discuss work 
    Updated: Sep-29-15 2:21 pm

    ALBANY, New York - The State University of New York has hired a Manhattan law firm for up to $1.5 million but so far state officials and the firm aren't talking about it, or whether it's related to a federal investigation of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's signature economic development efforts.

  • New York governor assembles panel to review Common Core 
    Updated: Sep-28-15 5:15 pm

    ALBANY, New York - New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has assembled a panel of educators, lawmakers and parents to review the Common Core learning standards and the way schoolchildren are tested on them.

  • Tangled web surrounds United's aborted Atlantic City routes 
    Updated: Sep-28-15 2:44 am

    NEW YORK - Desperate to draw visitors to Atlantic City, New Jersey officials gave United Airlines more than $100,000 in incentives to fly to the seaside resort for at least a year. Then, when United abruptly canceled the money-losing routes eight months later, the officials appointed by Gov. Chris Christie decided not to enforce a contract provision that required the airline to repay the money, The Associated Press has learned.

  • Tangled web surrounds United's aborted Atlantic City routes 
    Updated: Sep-28-15 2:36 am

    NEW YORK - United Airlines was given more than $100,000 in marketing incentives last year as part of a deal to start flights to Atlantic City International Airport. However, The Associated Press has learned that when the airline broke the agreement by abruptly canceling the money-losing routes early, officials appointed by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie decided not to enforce a contract provision that required United to repay the money.

  • Billions needed to fix New York's aging water pipes 
    Updated: Sep-27-15 1:50 pm

    SYRACUSE, New York - The water main burst early on a Monday morning, cutting off water service to a high school and forcing administrators to cancel class. Once his team dug it up, Henry Rosado could tell the age of the cast-iron pipe with one look.

  • New York City mayor meets with Cuban President Castro 
    Updated: Sep-26-15 8:36 pm

    NEW YORK - New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (dih BLAH'-zee-oh) has met with Cuban President Raul Castro.

  • Cuomo eulogizes aide who died after shooting on parade day 
    Updated: Sep-26-15 5:13 pm

    NEW YORK - The death of an aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who was caught in the crossfire between two gangs hours before New York City's West Indian Day parade, should be a call to action to quell gun violence in the city, the governor told mourners Saturday at the slain aide's funeral.

  • NY Gov. Cuomo, Cuban President Castro talk economic ties 
    Updated: Sep-25-15 4:22 pm

    NEW YORK - New York's governor and the president of Cuba have met to discuss economic development as relations between the Caribbean nation and the U.S. continue to thaw.

  • Senate approves measure backing Hudson rail project 
    Updated: Sep-24-15 4:07 pm

    TRENTON, New Jersey - The state Senate is calling on the federal government to support a recent proposal from Governors Chris Christie of New Jersey and Andrew Cuomo of New York to build a new rail tunnel beneath the Hudson River.

  • Sandra Lee says she is cancer free after double mastectomy 
    Updated: Sep-22-15 10:32 am

    ALBANY, New York - Celebrity chef Sandra Lee says she is cancer free and feeling good months after a double mastectomy.

  • Poll: NYS voters say de Blasio shouldn't control NYC schools 
    Updated: Sep-21-15 9:16 am

    NEW YORK - A new poll shows New York state voters do not want Mayor Bill de Blasio to keep control of New York City public schools.

  • Taxpayer price tag for transportation projects is unclear 
    Updated: Sep-20-15 10:57 am

    TRENTON, New Jersey - What the burden will be on state commuters and taxpayers for a new rail tunnel connecting New York and New Jersey is unsettled even though the estimated $20 billion project got a jolt forward this week after a painful summer of delays along the Hudson River corridor.

  • Poll: Feud between Cuomo and de Blasio hurting the state 
    Updated: Sep-17-15 10:00 pm

    ALBANY, New York - Voters say an ongoing feud between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is hurting the state, according to a survey released Thursday.

  • Former NY City Council Speaker Quinn named to nonprofit 
    Updated: Sep-17-15 12:35 pm

    NEW YORK - Former New York City Council speaker Christine Quinn will head a nonprofit that aids homeless women and children.

  • NY governor's aide shot before West Indian Day parade dies 
    Updated: Sep-16-15 11:22 pm

    NEW YORK - An aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo who was shot in the crossfire between two gangs hours before the city's West Indian Day parade died Wednesday, police said.

  • New York smoking rate goes back down after startling rise 
    Updated: Sep-16-15 10:53 pm

    NEW YORK - The ranks of smokers are dwindling after a surprising uptick in a city known for tough steps to discourage tobacco use, health officials said Wednesday.

  • Cuomo, Christie ask Obama for 'fair' plan for Hudson tunnel 
    Updated: Sep-15-15 7:29 pm

    ALBANY, New York - The governors of New York and New Jersey wrote to President Barack Obama on Tuesday asking the federal government to pay for half the cost of a new rail tunnel below the Hudson River - a sign that the long-delayed project could be moving ahead.

  • Wu, ex-lieutenant governor candidate, to advise Schneiderman 
    Updated: Sep-15-15 6:40 pm

    ALBANY, New York - A Columbia Law school professor who ran for New York lieutenant governor last year is joining Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's office as a special adviser focusing on technology and Internet policy.

  • New York is placing big high-tech bets in upstate cities 
    Updated: Sep-12-15 8:44 pm

    ALBANY, New York - Nanotechnology is big in Albany. Buffalo sees glimmers of glory in solar power. Rochester is poised to profit from photonics.

  • NY Gov. Cuomo: Biden visits aren't political 
    Updated: Sep-11-15 5:32 pm

    NEW YORK - New York's governor says several meetings with Vice President Joe Biden in recent weeks don't mean that he's backing away from supporting Hillary Clinton for president.

  • Democratic primary for NYC Council seat too close to call 
    Updated: Sep-10-15 11:21 pm

    NEW YORK - The Democratic primary for an open New York City Council seat is too close to call.

  • New York state OKs $15 minimum wage for fast-food workers story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Sep-10-15 8:00 pm

    NEW YORK - New York state will gradually raise the minimum wage for fast-food workers to $15 an hour - the first time any state has set the minimum that high.