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Stories with person: Mark Zuckerberg
  • Newark after Booker: City faces takeover threat 
    Updated: Apr-05-14 12:01 pm
  • NEWARK, New Jersey - New Jersey's largest city is hitting some roadblocks just months after its rising-star mayor went off to Washington. A bold reform plan for the state-run school system has hit a snag, the police department is facing federal oversight over citizen complaints, and the state is threatening a takeover of the city's finances after several key deadlines were missed.

  • Facebook CEO reaps $3.3B gain from stock options 
    Updated: Mar-31-14 7:28 pm
  • SAN FRANCISCO - Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reaped a $3.3 billion gain last year by exercising stock options in the social networking company that he founded in a Harvard University dorm room.

  • Visionary or looney? Zuckerberg on spending spree 
    Updated: Mar-26-14 8:07 pm
  • NEW YORK - Facebook's latest multibillion dollar acquisition of virtual reality headset maker Oculus is prompting some people to wonder if CEO Mark Zuckerberg is already living in an alternate reality.

  • Obama reassures Internet CEOs on tech privacy 
    Updated: Mar-21-14 7:27 pm
  • WASHINGTON - A week before a self-imposed deadline for a review of National Security Agency programs, President Barack Obama sought Friday to assure leading Internet and tech executives that his administration is committed to protecting people's privacy.

  • 5 free things to do in historic Boston 
    Updated: Mar-20-14 11:36 am
  • BOSTON - The city of Boston is known for its "wicked" rich history, to use a term the locals love, going back to the Boston Tea Party and roots of the American Revolution. But pride is not limited to the past: The city is also home to the World Series champion Red Sox team.