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Stories with person: Ted Cruz
  • new storyOvercoming hostilities, US and Cuba to open embassies story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Jul-01-15 5:02 pm

    WASHINGTON - After more than a half-century of hostility, the United States and Cuba declared Wednesday they will reopen embassies in each other's capitals this month, marking a historic full restoration of diplomatic relations between the Cold War foes.

  • new storyThe Latest: Cuba embassy plan riles Republican hopefuls story has photos
    Updated: Jul-01-15 4:51 pm

    WASHINGTON - The United States and Cuba will open embassies in their capital cities after more than 50 years of hostilities between the two countries. The latest developments (all times local):

  • Ted Cruz to speak at September GOP gathering in Michigan 
    Updated: Jul-01-15 11:48 am

    MACKINAC ISLAND, Michigan - Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz plans to speak at a GOP leadership gathering in Michigan in September.

  • Ted Cruz turns 'Simpsons' jobseeker; he'll take any part 
    Updated: Jun-30-15 6:53 pm

    LOS ANGELES - Ted Cruz wants to be president, but he's got another job in mind as well: voice actor for "The Simpsons."

  • Religious liberty is rallying cry after gay marriage ruling 
    Updated: Jun-29-15 1:02 am

    NEW YORK - Now that same-sex marriage is legal nationwide, religious conservatives are focusing on preserving their right to object. Their concerns are for the thousands of faith-based charities, colleges and hospitals that want to hire, fire, serve and set policy according to their religious beliefs, notably that gay relationships are morally wrong.

  • With court defeat, GOP health law effort now aimed at '16 story has photos
    Updated: Jun-26-15 10:12 am

    WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court's resounding rejection of a conservative attempt to gut President Barack Obama's health care overhaul won't stop Republicans from attacking the law they detest. But now, their efforts will be chiefly about teeing up the issue for the 2016 presidential and congressional elections.

  • CAPITOL HILL BUZZ: Ted Cruz slams 'rogue justices' 
    Updated: Jun-25-15 4:42 pm

    WASHINGTON - Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz attacked Chief Justice John Roberts and other members of the Supreme Court in unusually harsh terms Thursday, referring to them as "rogue justices" and "robed Houdinis" after a 6-3 decision to uphold President Barack Obama's health care law.

  • Zinke to donate funds from white supremacist 
    Updated: Jun-22-15 8:22 pm

    HELENA, Montana - U.S. Rep. Ryan Zinke of Montana is among a group of Republicans who received donations from the leader of a white supremacist group cited by Charleston church murder suspect Dylann Roof.

  • Walker to donate $3,500 received from white supremacist 
    Updated: Jun-22-15 5:53 pm

    MADISON, Wisconsin - Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker plans to donate money he received in campaign donations from the leader of a white supremacist group cited by the Charleston church murder suspect.

  • Abbott to donate $1K contribution from white supremacist 
    Updated: Jun-22-15 12:13 pm

    AUSTIN, Texas - Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott is donating to charity a $1,000 campaign contribution from the leader of a white supremacist group cited by Charleston church murder suspect Dylann Roof.

  • Texas may be tea party heaven, but activists aren't happy story has photos
    Updated: Jun-21-15 10:53 am

    AUSTIN, Texas - Texas can sometimes feel like tea party heaven - the land of Ted Cruz, where the Legislature is packed with hard-right devotees and the governor himself heeds fringe fears about possible federal plots to seize the state.

  • Religion and politics: GOP hopefuls' new insight on faith story has photos
    Updated: Jun-20-15 3:55 pm

    WASHINGTON - Republican presidential contenders railed against abortion rights on Saturday as they courted religious conservatives, promising Christian values would guide their personal decisions and public policies should they win the presidency.

  • Pope Francis' climate message fails to move GOP story has photos
    Updated: Jun-19-15 10:02 am

    WASHINGTON - Pope Francis' call for dramatic action on climate change drew a round of shrugs from congressional Republicans, while a number of the party's presidential candidates ignored it entirely.

  • Presidential candidate Rand Paul plans to 'blow up' tax code story has photos
    Updated: Jun-18-15 10:52 pm

    WASHINGTON - Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul called Thursday for a "fair and flat tax" that would "blow up" the nation's tax code, offering a proposal his campaign said would cut taxes by $2 trillion over the next decade.

  • Howell defeats tea party foe in GOP primary for state House 
    Updated: Jun-09-15 10:14 pm

    FREDERICKSBURG, Virginia - Virginia GOP House Speaker William J. Howell has won re-election in the GOP primary, easily dispatching a tea party foe who was once his political protege.

  • Cruz names anti-Shariah activist Kookogey as Tenn. chairman 
    Updated: Jun-09-15 3:04 pm

    NASHVILLE, Tennessee - Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz has named anti-Shariah activist Kevin Kookogey as his state chairman for Tennessee.

  • Walker, Cruz and other candidates planning trips to Nevada 
    Updated: Jun-09-15 1:57 pm

    CARSON CITY, Nevada - As the 2016 election inches closer, a number of Republican presidential candidates are booking an increasing number of trips to Nevada.

  • On 2016 ballot, McCrory seeks unity with NC Republicans 
    Updated: Jun-06-15 7:18 pm

    RALEIGH, North Carolina - His 2016 re-election campaign soon to begin in earnest, Gov. Pat McCrory framed his address to the state GOP convention Saturday around the economic recovery and policies on which he says all North Carolina Republicans agree.

  • Capitol Hill Buzz: Twitter helps save Congress from itself 
    Updated: Jun-04-15 4:34 pm

    WASHINGTON - Twitter is apparently helping members of Congress protect themselves from ... themselves.

  • Cruz apologizes for cracking Biden joke while VP mourns loss 
    Updated: Jun-04-15 8:07 am

    WASHINGTON - Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is apologizing for cracking a joke at Vice President Joe Biden's expense even as Biden mourns the death of his son.

  • Congress sends NSA phone-records bill to president story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Jun-02-15 9:17 pm

    WASHINGTON - Congress approved sweeping changes Tuesday to surveillance laws enacted after the Sept. 11 attacks, eliminating the National Security Agency's disputed bulk phone-records collection program and replacing it with a more restrictive measure to keep the records in phone companies' hands.