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Stories with person: Barack Obama
  • new storyUS senator on visit to Venezuela amid diplomatic detente 
    Updated: Jun-30-15 5:02 pm

    CARACAS, Venezuela - The Republican chairman of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee is making a surprise visit to Venezuela amid a U.S. effort to reduce tensions with the South American nation.

  • new storyObama calls string of recent victories 'gratifying' story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Jun-30-15 4:56 pm

    WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama cast a string of legal and legislative victories last week on trade, health care and gay marriage as the "gratifying" culmination of years of work by his White House.

  • new storyDC stop of Pope Francis trip includes White House, Congress 
    Updated: Jun-30-15 4:56 pm

    WASHINGTON - Pope Francis will spend 48 hours in Washington during a September visit, stopping at both the White House and Congress on his first trip to the United States as pope, the Vatican announced Tuesday.

  • new story2 years after spying flap, US, Brazil seek to turn the page story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Jun-30-15 4:51 pm

    WASHINGTON - Two years after revelations about U.S. spying frayed ties between their countries, President Barack Obama and visiting Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff publicly closed that chapter Tuesday, declaring that the relationship between the U.S. and Brazil is on an upward swing.

  • new storyDC stop of Pope Francis trip includes White House, Congress 
    Updated: Jun-30-15 4:35 pm

    WASHINGTON - Pope Francis will spend 48 hours in Washington during a September visit, stopping at both the White House and Congress on his first trip to the United States as pope, the Vatican announced Tuesday.

  • new storyAfter coal win, states seek similar relief for farms 
    Updated: Jun-30-15 4:29 pm

    FRANKFORT, Kentucky - They beat the EPA on coal, and now a group of state attorneys general hopes to score a similar victory on farming.

  • new storyVermont's new US attorney sworn in, says he's 'honored' 
    Updated: Jun-30-15 4:21 pm

    BURLINGTON, Vermont - Vermont has a new chief federal prosecutor. Lawyer Eric Miller was sworn in as U.S. attorney for the state on Tuesday.

  • Pope to meet with homeless, prisoners and immigrants in US story has photos
    Updated: Jun-30-15 3:58 pm

    VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis will meet with homeless people, immigrants and prisoners during his upcoming trip to Cuba and the United States and become the first pope to address the U.S. Congress. He'll also preside over a meeting about religious liberty - a major issue for U.S. bishops in the wake of the Supreme Court's gay marriage decision.

  • US opening market to Argentina, Brazil beef imports 
    Updated: Jun-30-15 3:50 pm

    BUENOS AIRES, Argentina - Argentina and Brazil are greeting news that they will soon be able to export fresh beef into the United States after a longtime ban.

  • Hundreds of protesters rally outside Christie announcement story has photos
    Updated: Jun-30-15 2:17 pm

    LIVINGSTON, New Jersey - The good vibes and enthusiasm that accompanied Gov. Chris Christie's announcement that he's running for president Tuesday didn't extend outside Livingston High School, where between hundreds of protesters gathered to take him to task on a number of fronts.

  • Iran nuclear talks extended; Iranians meet key obligation story has photos
    Updated: Jun-30-15 12:41 pm

    VIENNA - Pushing past a deadline, world powers and Iran extended negotiations for a comprehensive nuclear agreement by a week on Tuesday as the U.N. nuclear agency prepared to announce Tehran had met a key condition - significantly reducing its stocks of enriched uranium that could be used for atomic weapons.

  • Boosting overtime: Obama calls for broader coverage story has photos
    Updated: Jun-30-15 12:38 pm

    WASHINGTON - They're called managers, and they sometimes work grueling schedules at fast food chains and retail stores. But with no overtime eligibility, their pay may be lower per hour than many workers they supervise.

  • State Department names new Guantanamo special envoy 
    Updated: Jun-30-15 10:20 am

    WASHINGTON - Secretary of State John Kerry has appointed a new special envoy to lead the Obama administration's bid to close the Guantanamo Bay detention center.

  • After mercury ruling, scrutiny of Obama climate rules grows story has photos
    Updated: Jun-30-15 7:59 am

    WASHINGTON - Sweeping pollution limits at the center of President Barack Obama's climate change plan are facing increased scrutiny in the wake of a Supreme Court ruling that showed that the justices aren't afraid to thwart perceived overreach by Obama or his Environmental Protection Agency.

  • The Iran deal: A look at what it does and problems remaining story has photos
    Updated: Jun-30-15 4:29 am

    VIENNA - World powers and Iran are back in nuclear talks, and this round may be the deciding one.

  • Democrats active early in key congressional race 
    Updated: Jun-29-15 6:59 pm

    CARSON CITY, Nevada - With months to go before Nevada's primary election in February, Democrats in one of Nevada's most hotly contested congressional races are already competing for endorsements and campaign cash.

  • Obama speaks to Cameron, Tunisian leader in attack aftermath 
    Updated: Jun-29-15 6:47 pm

    WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama is offering U.S. assistance to the investigation into the attack in Tunisia that killed 38 people at a beach resort.

  • Connecticut officials praise changes on tribal recognition 
    Updated: Jun-29-15 6:45 pm

    HARTFORD, Connecticut - Connecticut's top elected leaders are declaring victory in their efforts to see that it does not become easier for local American Indian tribes to obtain federal recognition.

  • Branstad extends bird flu disaster proclamation 
    Updated: Jun-29-15 6:14 pm

    DES MOINES, Iowa - Gov. Terry Branstad has extended a state of disaster emergency through July 31 in response to the bird flu outbreak in the state.

  • Obama signs trade, worker assistance bills into law story has photos
    Updated: Jun-29-15 5:20 pm

    WASHINGTON - In a rare bipartisan scene at the White House, President Barack Obama on Monday signed into law two hard-fought bills giving him greater authority to negotiate international trade deals and providing aid to workers whose jobs are displaced by such pacts.

  • McConnell: New trade deal triumph despite partisan divide 
    Updated: Jun-29-15 4:44 pm

    LOUISVILLE, Kentucky - The brief alliance of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell with President Barack Obama to pass trade legislation last week marked a triumph amid divided government, McConnell said Monday, and he offered to work together across partisan lines to shore up Medicare and Social Security for future generations.

  • Mourners recall SC shooting victim in funeral at church story has photos
    Updated: Jun-29-15 4:15 pm

    CHARLESTON, South Carolina - The day she was killed along with eight others during Bible study at a South Carolina church, Myra Thompson achieved her goal of becoming a minister

  • The Latest: British leader says Greek vote is a vote on euro story has photos
    Updated: Jun-29-15 8:04 am

    ATHENS, Greece - The latest news on Greece's financial woes as it closes its banks and limits money withdrawals (all times local):

  • High court ruling offers chance to alter health law debate 
    Updated: Jun-29-15 3:31 am

    WASHINGTON - The country finally has an opportunity to change the subject on health care, after the Supreme Court again upheld President Barack Obama's law.

  • Religious liberty is rallying cry after gay marriage ruling 
    Updated: Jun-29-15 1:02 am

    NEW YORK - Now that same-sex marriage is legal nationwide, religious conservatives are focusing on preserving their right to object. Their concerns are for the thousands of faith-based charities, colleges and hospitals that want to hire, fire, serve and set policy according to their religious beliefs, notably that gay relationships are morally wrong.