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Stories with person: Ronald Reagan
  • SD jury sentences man to death in carjack killing 
    Updated: Apr-14-14 10:07 pm
  • SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota - A man with a history of mental illness was sentenced to death by a jury on Monday for killing a South Dakota hospice nurse as part of a plot to assassinate President Barack Obama.

  • Justice Scalia to deliver UT Knoxville lecture 
    Updated: Apr-14-14 5:05 am
  • KNOXVILLE, Tennessee - U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is speaking at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

  • Obama offers solace to nation at Fort Hood 
    Updated: Apr-09-14 7:44 pm
  • FORT HOOD, Texas - President Barack Obama returned to the grieving Army post Wednesday where he first took on the job as the nation's comforter five years ago, mourning with families and uniformed comrades of those killed during last week's Fort Hood shooting spree. "We somehow bear what seems unbearable," he declared.

  • Committee approves bill naming peak after Reagan 
    Updated: Apr-09-14 5:11 pm
  • WASHINGTON - About the only thing former President Ronald Reagan doesn't have named after him is a mountain, not one recognized by the federal government anyway.

  • Louisiana Gov. Jindal to speak to SC Republicans 
    Updated: Apr-08-14 5:04 pm
  • COLUMBIA, South Carolina - Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is coming to South Carolina to speak at the state Republican party's annual fundraising dinner.

  • Bevin, conservatives rally in McConnell's backyard 
    Updated: Apr-05-14 6:35 pm
  • LOUISVILLE, Kentucky - Conservative activists from across the country came to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's hometown on Saturday to insist that their fight against established Republicans in the 2014 midterm elections isn't over.

  • Prospect of spy release latest twist in legal saga 
    Updated: Apr-05-14 4:54 am
  • WASHINGTON - The arrest of Jonathan Pollard nearly 30 years ago set off an emotional legal saga that has confronted American presidents and Israeli prime ministers, wound through the courts and divided those who say the convicted spy has paid his debt to society and those who contend the damage he caused was incalculable.

  • Kerry: It's 'reality check' time for Mideast talks 
    Updated: Apr-04-14 8:39 pm
  • WASHINGTON - With Mideast peace talks on the verge of collapse, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry declared Friday that "it's reality check time" on whether an agreement can be reached anytime soon after decades of bitterness between Israeli and Palestinian leaders. The U.S. will re-evaluate its role as mediator, he said.

  • Broadway singer Lawrence Hamilton dead at 59 
    Updated: Apr-04-14 4:53 pm
  • LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas - Broadway star Lawrence Hamilton, an Arkansas native who performed for a U.S. president and a Pope, has died at age 59 in a New York City hospital.

  • American spy's release would be high-stakes gamble 
    Updated: Apr-02-14 3:15 am
  • WASHINGTON - The Obama administration is bringing the U.S. closer than it has been in years to granting convicted spy Jonathan Pollard an early release in a high-stakes gamble to advance Mideast peace talks.

  • Federal judge Barker to scale back after 30 years 
    Updated: Apr-01-14 4:10 pm
  • INDIANAPOLIS - The longest-serving federal judge in Indianapolis has decided after 30 years in the position to scale back her duties - but just a bit.

  • Minimum wage value falling but fairness is debated 
    Updated: Mar-31-14 11:22 am
  • WASHINGTON - The federal minimum wage has been below what's needed to keep a family of three out of poverty since 1980. It's also well shy of the peak of its buying power almost half a century ago.

  • SC election ballot set as filing deadline passes 
    Updated: Mar-30-14 2:58 pm
  • COLUMBIA, South Carolina - South Carolina's 2014 election ballot was finalized Sunday with Gov. Nikki Haley and the state's two incumbent U.S. senators facing June primary opposition, a big-name race for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor and a lengthy list of candidates vying to head the state Education Department.

  • Retired barber still busy cutting hair at VA shop 
    Updated: Mar-29-14 11:38 am
  • LINCOLN, Nebraska - Gray hair floats to the floor, and flecks fly onto Bob Taylor's black pants as he carefully runs his clippers along Perry Reichlinger's 93-year-old head.

  • Jeremiah Denton, Vietnam POW and ex-senator, dies 
    Updated: Mar-28-14 5:50 pm
  • Prisoner of war Jeremiah Denton declared his loyalty to the U.S. government during a 1966 interview for what was supposed to be a propaganda film. But his enraged captors missed his more covert message: "T-O-R-T-U-R-E," blinked into the camera in Morse code, a dispatch that would alert the U.S. military to the conditions he endured.

  • Unguarded comments, caught on tape, dog candidates 
    Updated: Mar-27-14 8:34 pm
  • WASHINGTON - You might think this year's candidates had learned from Barack Obama's comments about bitter people who "cling to guns or religion." Or perhaps from Mitt Romney's apparent dismissal of the 47 percent of Americans who don't pay federal income taxes.

  • Obama, Francis find common ground - and divisions 
    Updated: Mar-27-14 6:36 pm
  • VATICAN CITY - Face to face for the first time, President Barack Obama and Pope Francis focused publicly on their mutual respect and shared concern for the poor on Thursday. But their lengthy private discussion also highlighted the deep differences between the White House and the Catholic Church on abortion and birth control.

  • Chicago's Drake hotel seeks return of stolen items 
    Updated: Mar-27-14 4:27 am
  • CHICAGO - If you ever stole anything from Chicago's Drake Hotel, you can give it back with no questions asked.

  • Jonathan Schell, anti-war activist, dead at 70 
    Updated: Mar-26-14 7:05 pm
  • NEW YORK - Jonathan Schell, the crusading author, journalist and anti-war activist who condemned conflicts from Vietnam to Iraq and warned of a nuclear holocaust in terrifying detail in his galvanizing best seller, "The Fate of the Earth," has died at age 70.

  • Jon Huntsman to speak at UW graduation ceremony 
    Updated: Mar-26-14 11:45 am
  • MADISON, Wisconsin - Jon Huntsman Jr., the former Utah governor and one-time Republican presidential hopeful, is scheduled to deliver the University of Wisconsin-Madison commencement speech on May 17.

  • Weidenbaum, adviser to 5 presidents, dead at 87 
    Updated: Mar-25-14 7:16 pm
  • ST. LOUIS - Murray Weidenbaum, a White House economic adviser who counseled five U.S. presidents before returning to academia, has died. He was 87.

  • House moves to block Obama coal rule 
    Updated: Mar-25-14 5:37 pm
  • WASHINGTON - House Republicans on Tuesday approved a bill that would prevent the Obama administration from imposing a stream-protection rule for coal mining that government experts say would eliminate thousands of jobs.

  • Sandra Day O'Connor to revive Tucson forum 
    Updated: Mar-24-14 6:13 am
  • TUCSON, Arizona - Retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor will be the first guest for a newly revived public forum series in Tucson.

  • Harris needs Christian right for GOP NC Senate win 
    Updated: Mar-22-14 12:32 pm
  • ROBBINS, North Carolina - The Rev. Mark Harris says he's the only one in the U.S. Senate Republican primary field that can unite the three streams of the GOP in North Carolina and ultimately put Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan on the political ropes heading to November.

  • Obama using powers of persuasion to advance agenda 
    Updated: Mar-21-14 3:15 am
  • WASHINGTON - Ronald Reagan used to say the nine most terrifying words in the English language were: "I'm from the government and I'm here to help."