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Stories with place: Caracas
  • Dozens of Venezuelans shot by police amid crime crackdown story has photos
    Updated: Aug-31-15 4:19 pm

    MARACAY, Venezuela - Workers in the industrial complex had been hiding in bathrooms and closets for hours when the shooting stopped. The last of the four suspected thieves, a slightly built man in yellow rain boots, surrendered on the roof, crying out, "Jesus saves!"

  • Venezuela extends border closure despite Colombia's protests story has photos
    Updated: Aug-28-15 8:28 pm

    CARACAS, Venezuela - Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro on Friday broadened a crackdown on Colombian migrants and border smugglers that has drawn strong rebuke by Colombian leaders and international organizations.

  • Grisly killing becomes political battleground in Venezuela 
    Updated: Aug-19-15 5:50 pm

    CARACAS, Venezuela - The grisly slaying of a woman has become yet another political flashpoint in hyper-polarized Venezuela, with supporters and opponents of the country's socialist administration each saying the killers were working for the other side.

  • Venezuela's telenovelas struggle back from the brink 
    Updated: Aug-18-15 12:02 am

    CARACAS, Venezuela - A worker on the set strikes the clapperboard to the shout of "Action!" and three women launch into a heated argument about an abandoned child who was rescued from the streets but cannot be tamed of her violent impulses.

  • Venezuela frees 2nd prominent opponent in just over 24 hours story has photos
    Updated: Aug-13-15 6:50 pm

    CARACAS, Venezuela - A former Venezuelan defense minister turned staunch government critic was freed from prison early Thursday, making him the second prominent opposition leader to be let go in a little more than 24 hours.

  • American lawyer slain, companion wounded in Venezuela home story has photos
    Updated: Aug-10-15 11:22 pm

    CARACAS, Venezuela - A prominent American expatriate lawyer was slain and his companion was wounded in an attack at their home in the Venezuelan capital, authorities and family members said Monday.

  • Venezuelan opposition stages march against hunger 
    Updated: Aug-08-15 5:28 pm

    CARACAS, Venezuela - Critics of Venezuela's socialist administration staged a small protest against hunger and crime in Caracas Saturday as the South American country struggles to control violence in food lines. 

  • Venezuela's top beer scarce amid heat wave story has photos
    Updated: Aug-07-15 7:14 pm

    CARACAS, Venezuela - Venezuelans are facing the prospect of a heat wave without their favorite beer, the latest indignity in a country that has seen shortages of everything from disposable diapers to light bulbs.

  • Venezuela ruling party games Twitter for political gain story has photos
    Updated: Aug-04-15 3:43 pm

    CARACAS, Venezuela - Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's approval ratings may be languishing below 30 percent, but on Twitter he's as popular as Pope Francis - or so it would seem.