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Stories with place: Cairo
  • Memos from Egypt's Interior Ministry leaked to journalists story has photos
    Updated: May-03-16 2:02 pm

    CAIRO - Memos from Egypt's Interior Ministry that were leaked to the media on Tuesday outline strategies for deflecting public outrage over recent arrests and suggest the prosecutor general impose a gag order on the case of an Italian student abducted and killed in Cairo.

  • Killing of 5 Egyptians deepens mystery over Italian's death 
    Updated: May-02-16 2:51 am

    CAIRO - It was a brutal killing that became an international incident: An Italian graduate student disappeared from the streets of the Egyptian capital in January, his body discovered days later dumped by a roadside, tortured to death.

  • Egypt tries to divert eyes to citizen who died in London 
    Updated: Apr-28-16 3:23 pm

    CAIRO - Under scrutiny in Europe over its handling of investigations into the torture death of an Italian student in Cairo, Egyptian authorities sought to deflect attention Thursday toward the fate of a British-Egyptian man who died in a London fire.

  • Rights group says Egypt arrested nearly 400 over protests 
    Updated: Apr-27-16 2:48 pm

    CAIRO - An international rights group says Egyptian police arrested at least 382 people in the days leading up to and during April 25 protests in Cairo against a government decision to hand over control of two Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia.

  • Egypt looks to avert water crisis driven by demand, waste 
    Updated: Apr-26-16 2:17 am

    KAFR HAMOUDA, Egypt - "For a thousand years," Abdullah Sheikh's family has been working the land the same way - flooding fields in Egypt's Nile Delta and planting seeds by hand.

  • Hamas deploys forces on Egypt-Gaza border over IS concerns 
    Updated: Apr-21-16 8:04 am

    GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Hamas has deployed forces along the Egyptian-Gaza border to counter Cairo's concerns it is aiding militants from the Islamic State group in Egypt's lawless Sinai Peninsula.

  • Egypt opposition figure sues president over islands uproar 
    Updated: Apr-20-16 3:17 pm

    CAIRO - An Egyptian opposition figure who ran in the presidential elections against Abdel-Fatah el-Sissi is suing the president over his decision to hand over two strategic Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia, according to a copy of a document obtained by The Associated Press on Wednesday.

  • German reported denied entry to Turkey back in Egypt story has photos
    Updated: Apr-19-16 5:47 pm

    ISTANBUL - A German reporter was prevented from entering Turkey on Tuesday and was held in a deportation room at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport before he was sent back to Cairo, according to a Turkish official and a German broadcaster.

  • World Bank urges donors to fulfill Gaza pledges story has photos
    Updated: Apr-18-16 8:47 am

    JERUSALEM - After Israel's war against Gaza militants in 2014, Arab countries led the way in pledging reconstruction aid to the devastated seaside enclave. But a new report released Monday by the World Bank shows that Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and other Arab donors have delivered only a small fraction of what was promised.

  • Regeni murder casts shadow on French President's Egypt visit 
    Updated: Apr-17-16 7:02 pm

    CAIRO - Hours after French President Francois Hollande landed in Egypt Sunday on a visit his hosts say will deepen "distinct and strong" ties, he and his Egyptian counterpart differed publicly over human rights and the extent to which they should be respected while fighting militants.

  • Jordan raids headquarters of Muslim Brotherhood group 
    Updated: Apr-13-16 8:50 am

    AMMAN, Jordan - Jordan raided and shut down the headquarters of the country's original Muslim Brotherhood group on Wednesday.

  • Egypt softens rejection of Italy request over slain student 
    Updated: Apr-12-16 8:49 am

    CAIRO - Egypt has softened its rejection of Italy's request to hand over phone records of mobile subscribers in a Cairo district where an Italian doctoral student lived before he was abducted, tortured and killed.

  • Egypt's surrender of islands to Saudi deepens its woes story has photos
    Updated: Apr-11-16 4:53 pm

    CAIRO - Egypt's declared intention to hand over control of two strategic Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia has kicked off a storm of vociferous opposition, laced with stinging satire, and dealt a blow to the pride of many Egyptians at a time when they feel their country is vulnerable and under attack from all sides.

  • Italy recalls envoy to Egypt over torture-slaying of student story has photos
    Updated: Apr-08-16 4:04 pm

    ROME - Keeping up its press for the "truth" in the torture and slaying of an Italian graduate student in Cairo, the Italian government on Friday announced it was recalling its ambassador from Egypt for urgent consultations after Italian prosecutors expressed disappointment over Egyptian cooperation.

  • Spokesman says Saudi-led force will commit to Yemen truce 
    Updated: Apr-08-16 3:31 pm

    CAIRO - The Saudi-led coalition behind a year-long military campaign against Yemen's Shiite rebels is ready to commit to a cease-fire as long as the rebels abide by a U.N. Security Council resolution that calls for their pullout from Yemeni cities, the alliance's spokesman said Friday.

  • Egypt threatens to shut down center documenting torture story has photos
    Updated: Apr-06-16 5:45 pm

    CAIRO - For more than two decades, a team of psychiatrists in downtown Cairo have provided a unique service in Egypt: Therapy for people who say they are victims of torture.

  • Sen. Graham to Arab world: US hasn't changed despite Trump story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Apr-03-16 3:41 pm

    CAIRO - Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham sought to reassure the Arab world Sunday over the prospect of Donald Trump becoming president, saying in Cairo that Congress would continue to play a primary role in foreign policy, "regardless of what Mr. Trump says or does."