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Stories with place: Grand Junction
  • ACLU unimpressed by Colorado city anti-begging law 
    Updated: Apr-18-14 11:02 am
  • GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado - The ACLU says Grand Junction's city council has taken a step in the right direction with changes to its anti-begging law, but could go further.

  • Junction school briefly evacuated after explosion 
    Updated: Apr-16-14 8:09 pm
  • GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado - A Grand Junction middle school has been briefly evacuated after a small explosion in the boiler room, but no injuries were reported.

  • Ex-county employee arrested in welfare fraud case? 
    Updated: Apr-16-14 10:56 am
  • GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado - A woman who was trained to spot welfare fraud as an employee of the Mesa County Department of Human Services has been arrested after she was accused of defrauding the agency of welfare program funds totaling nearly $13,000.

  • District denies allegations of grade inflation 
    Updated: Apr-13-14 3:43 pm
  • GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado - A Grand Junction school district is denying allegations of grade inflation after several teachers testified in a case involving the termination of a teacher.

  • Colorado county grapples with high suicide rate 
    Updated: Apr-10-14 1:02 pm
  • GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado - Police knew about the suicidal tendencies of nearly a third of the people who killed themselves in Mesa County in the first half of last year, according to a new study that found gaps in monitoring, counseling, drug treatment and other areas in the county where the suicide rate is double the state's and triple the nation's.

  • 5 cold case homicides revived in Grand Junction 
    Updated: Apr-08-14 1:23 pm
  • GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado - Mesa County District Attorney Pete Hautzinger said Tuesday he is confident he can successfully prosecute five unsolved cases dating back half a century if enough evidence can be re-examined and witnesses located.

  • Colorado track, casinos debate gambling measures 
    Updated: Apr-07-14 10:35 am
  • GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado - Colorado voters this fall may see competing proposals on gambling, one by a horse racing track that wants to expand into slot machines, another by a casino industry worried by the track's proposal.

  • Investigators: Airplane in spin before fatal crash 
    Updated: Apr-05-14 1:11 pm
  • GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado - Investigators say the pilot of a small, single-engine airplane that crashed into a southwestern Colorado reservoir, killing all five people aboard, reported to an air traffic controller that his aircraft was "in a spin" and he was trying to recover it.

  • Users stand firm on Western Slope water question 
    Updated: Apr-04-14 11:37 am
  • GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado - Proposed new diversions of water from the Colorado River Basin to the Front Range are getting a frosty reception from Grand Valley water users and residents.

  • Grand Junction rethinks panhandling law 
    Updated: Apr-03-14 3:06 pm
  • GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado - Grand Junction city councilors have unanimously approved changes to their panhandling ordinance after a legal challenge.

  • De Beque board to discuss retail marijuana 
    Updated: Apr-03-14 12:14 pm
  • DE BEQUE, Colorado - The De Beque Town Board of Trustees is considering regulations for retail marijuana after voters made recreational marijuana ventures legal.

  • Junction airport company moving ahead on expansion 
    Updated: Apr-01-14 8:22 pm
  • GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado - An aviation services company at Grand Junction Regional Airport is moving ahead with plans for a new hangar after the airport had to drop out of the project because of an FBI fraud investigation.

  • Mesa County opposing federal road closures 
    Updated: Mar-31-14 11:17 am
  • GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado - The Mesa County Commission is planning to assert control over roads and rights of way in a potential confrontation with the federal Bureau of Land Management.

  • Colorado communities to get mineral lease millions 
    Updated: Mar-29-14 1:11 pm
  • GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado - More than $4.2 million in federal mineral lease funds is headed back to local communities after Grand Junction's finance department alerted officials that the money hadn't been distributed.

  • Colorado police investigate hash oil explosion 
    Updated: Mar-28-14 11:18 am
  • GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado - Grand Junction police are investigating the second suspected hash oil explosion this month.

  • Hickenlooper visiting Grand Junction 
    Updated: Mar-28-14 8:46 am
  • DENVER - Gov. John Hickenlooper is visiting Grand Junction for a luncheon with a western Colorado advocacy group.

  • Colorado mom: After shaving furor, focus on friend 
    Updated: Mar-26-14 11:17 am
  • DENVER - The mother of a Grand Junction third-grader who shaved her head in solidarity with a cancer-stricken friend is asking for an end to the national furor over a school's short-lived decision to bar the girl from campus, so the focus can shift to the recovery of her 11-year-old friend.

  • Colorado mom: After shaving furor, focus on friend 
    Updated: Mar-26-14 10:26 am
  • DENVER - After a Grand Junction third-grader shaved her head to support a cancer-stricken buddy, the mother wants an end to the national furor over a school's reaction to the act of solidarity and the focus to shift to the 11-year-old friend's recovery.

  • Former Colorado state legislator runs for Congress 
    Updated: Mar-25-14 10:44 am
  • GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado - A former state legislator from Pueblo has announced he will run for the 3rd Congressional District seat now held by Republican Scott Tipton of Cortez.

  • Mom sentenced to 10 years in deaths of her 2 sons 
    Updated: Mar-21-14 6:38 pm
  • GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado - A Colorado woman has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for the deaths of her two young sons who overheated when they were left alone in an SUV with the motor running and the heater on.

  • CenturyLink closes Grand Junction call center 
    Updated: Mar-21-14 11:01 am
  • GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado - The communications and data services company CenturyLink is shutting down a major call center in Grand Junction.