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Stories with place: Tripoli
  • Gunmen abduct Jordanian ambassador in Libya 
    Updated: Apr-15-14 10:02 am
  • TRIPOLI, Libya - Masked gunmen abducted the Jordanian ambassador in the Libyan capital early Tuesday, officials said, the latest in a wave of abductions in the North African nation still plagued by lawlessness more than two years after the ouster of dictator Moammar Gadhafi.

  • In Libya, politicians in fear of powerful militias 
    Updated: Apr-10-14 2:49 am
  • TRIPOLI, Libya - In a humiliating video, Libya's top politician - the head of parliament - is seen begging with a militia commander, trying to explain to him why he was caught with two women in his residence and insisting nothing scandalous was going on.

  • Libyan militia agrees to give up 4 oil terminals 
    Updated: Apr-07-14 5:49 am
  • TRIPOLI, Libya - A key Libyan militia in the east has agreed to hand back control of four oil terminals it captured and shut down last summer in its demand for a share in oil revenues, the official Libyan news agency reported.

  • Italian engineer missing in eastern Libyan city 
    Updated: Mar-23-14 7:32 am
  • TRIPOLI, Libya - A Libyan security official says an Italian engineer working in the eastern city of Tobruk is missing and that his car has been found abandoned in a street.

  • Libya's guns free-for-all fuels region's turmoil 
    Updated: Mar-22-14 3:47 am
  • TRIPOLI, Libya - At the heart of the Libyan capital, the open-air Fish Market was once a place where residents went to buy everything from meat and seafood to clothes and pets. Now it's Tripoli's biggest arms market, with tables displaying pistols and assault rifles. Ask a vendor, and he can pull out bigger machine guns to sell for thousands of dollars.