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Stories with place: Mexico
  • new storyMexico prosecutor: Video has suspects in journalist killing 
    Updated: Aug-04-15 5:28 pm

    MEXICO CITY - Mexico City's prosecutor says surveillance video shows three suspects leaving the apartment where five people were found tortured and shot. Among the victims was a photojournalist who felt under threat and left the Mexican state he covered to seek refuge in the capital.

  • North Korean ship pursued for seizure in case story has photos
    Updated: Aug-04-15 3:01 pm

    UNITED NATIONS - Winning a lawsuit against North Korea is rare. Collecting millions of dollars in damages from the isolated country? Pretty much impossible. But an Israel-based civil rights group thinks it has found a way, starting with a North Korean ship that's been held, against Pyongyang's wishes, in a Mexican port for the past year.

  • Mexico pet chain stops selling endangered, invasive species 
    Updated: Jul-31-15 9:43 pm

    MEXICO CITY - Mexico's largest pet store chain has agreed to stop selling 47 species of birds and other animals native to Mexico, 18 of which are considered at risk or in danger of extinction.

  • Mexico state: Indians approve embattled wind power project 
    Updated: Jul-31-15 8:40 pm

    MEXICO CITY - Residents of a heavily Indian area have approved the installation of a huge wind power project in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in southern Mexico, the Oaxaca state government said Friday.

  • Fired Mexican soccer coach probed for political tweets 
    Updated: Jul-31-15 7:09 pm

    MEXICO CITY - The trouble isn't over for fired Mexico national soccer team coach Miguel Herrera. He is now under investigation for possible violations of electoral laws for politically oriented tweets sent the day of June 7 midterm elections, authorities said Friday.

  • Mexico activists denounce abuses targeting Cuban migrants 
    Updated: Jul-31-15 6:50 pm

    MEXICO CITY - Advocates for migrants said Friday they filed 15 complaints against Mexican government officials for allegedly extorting Cubans passing through en route to the United States and have documented hundreds of similar cases.

  • Mexican judge orders 4 soldiers to stand trial in 7 deaths 
    Updated: Jul-31-15 6:15 pm

    MEXICO CITY - A federal judge in Mexico has ordered that four soldiers be held for trial on charges including forced disappearance and murder related to the deaths of seven people.

  • Burning tractor temporarily closes US-Mexico border bridge 
    Updated: Jul-31-15 5:31 pm

    CIUDAD VICTORIA, Mexico - A burning farm tractor briefly closed an international bridge on the Texas-Mexico border.

  • Mexico to spend $9.1 million on seaweed cleanup 
    Updated: Jul-30-15 10:26 pm

    MEXICO CITY - Mexican authorities say they will spend about $9.1 million and hire 4,600 temporary workers to clean up mounds of seaweed that have accumulated in recent weeks along the Caribbean coast.

  • Mexico: Death toll 27 after truck hits religious procession 
    Updated: Jul-30-15 8:46 pm

    MEXICO CITY - The death toll rose to 27 on Thursday and authorities listed 149 others as injured after a truck lost control and slammed into a religious procession in a central Mexico town.

  • Mexico to spend $9.1 million on seaweed cleanup 
    Updated: Jul-30-15 8:31 pm

    MEXICO CITY - Mexican authorities say they will spend about $9.1 million and hire 4,600 temporary workers to clean up mounds of seaweed that have accumulated in recent weeks along the Caribbean coast.

  • 5 men arrested in $2 million methamphetamine ring bust 
    Updated: Jul-30-15 6:39 pm

    LOS ANGELES - California Attorney General Kamala Harris says five men suspected of having connections to Mexico's notorious Sinaloa drug cartel have been arrested for allegedly trafficking 55 pounds of methamphetamine with a street value of $2 million.

  • Mexico issues warrant for extradition of escaped 'El Chapo' 
    Updated: Jul-30-15 5:58 pm

    MEXICO CITY - A judge in Mexico issued a provisional warrant to detain escaped drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman based on an extradition request from the United States.

  • Mexico ups dollar auction to $200 million to boost peso 
    Updated: Jul-30-15 5:05 pm

    MEXICO CITY - Mexico's central bank said Thursday it will increase dollar auctions from $52 million to $200 million per day through the end of September to stabilize the badly weakened peso.

  • Uber cars bashed in Mexico, cabbies protest rideshare apps 
    Updated: Jul-29-15 7:37 pm

    MEXICO CITY - A raucous crowd attacked Uber drivers and their vehicles with clubs and stones outside the Mexico City airport, the company said Wednesday, as licensed taxi drivers demonstrated to demand a "total halt" to app-based rideshare services in the capital.

  • Mexico declares 1st 'alert' over violence against women 
    Updated: Jul-29-15 6:50 pm

    MEXICO CITY - Activists on Wednesday hailed the Mexican federal government's first-ever "gender alert," declared for a central state in response to a high incidence of killings and disappearances of women.

  • Astoria summer school helps children of migrant workers 
    Updated: Jul-29-15 5:00 pm

    ASTORIA, Oregon - Araceny Borja, 11, sat in a classroom at Astoria Middle School Thursday, only two months after she and her mother moved to the North Coast from Mexico for what she called "a better life."

  • Pilot giving visitors a ride when fatal plane crash occurred 
    Updated: Jul-29-15 12:31 pm

    PIPESTONE, Minnesota - A family friend says two teenagers from Mexico who were killed, along with the pilot, in the crash of a small airplane in southwestern Minnesota were visiting relatives and wanted to take a plane ride before returning home.

  • Run-in with reporter triggered Mexico coach Herrera's ouster story has photos
    Updated: Jul-29-15 10:20 am

    MEXICO CITY - In the end it wasn't the middling on-field performance by Mexico's national soccer team that cost Miguel Herrera his job as head coach of "El Tri."

  • Mexico sentences 5 men to 697 years for killings of 11 women 
    Updated: Jul-28-15 11:46 pm

    MEXICO CITY - Mexican prosecutors announced Tuesday that they had won "historic" convictions and sentences of 697 years in prison against five men for killing 11 women near the border city of Ciudad Juarez.

  • Mexican villagers bulldoze 18th century chapel 
    Updated: Jul-28-15 6:40 pm

    MEXICO CITY - Mexican officials said Tuesday they have filed a criminal complaint after villagers in the central state of Tlaxcala bulldozed a chapel from the 1700s.

  • Some victims identified in 1 of 2 Midwest plane crashes 
    Updated: Jul-28-15 3:14 pm

    Two teenagers from Mexico were among the seven people killed when two small planes crashed separately within hours of one another in western Wisconsin and southwestern Minnesota, authorities said Tuesday.

  • US Navy examines health concerns near Guantanamo court 
    Updated: Jul-28-15 2:44 pm

    MEXICO CITY - A complaint lodged with the Pentagon has prompted the U.S. Navy to look into the possible presence of anything that may cause cancer in a section of the base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, a military spokeswoman said Tuesday.

  • Mexico struggles to clean seaweed surge from Cancun beaches 
    Updated: Jul-28-15 9:45 am

    MEXICO CITY - Authorities on Mexico's Caribbean coast said Monday they are redoubling efforts to remove tons of sargassum seaweed that has been washing ashore in recent weeks.

  • Mexico national team coach allegedly hits TV journalist story has photos
    Updated: Jul-27-15 10:09 pm

    MEXICO CITY - The coach of Mexico's national soccer team is known for his histrionic displays of emotion during games.